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NEW Nuna Pipa LITE Car Seat - Flame-Retardant-Free! Full Review

NEW Nuna Pipa LITE Car Seat - Flame-Retardant-Free! Full Review

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nuna-pipa-lite-infant-car-seat-fog-31If you thought the Nuna Pipa just couldn't get lighter - think again! Nuna has introduced the new Nuna Pipa LITE infant car seat that will simply blow your mind. There simply is no better infant car seat right now on the market and we're excited to share all of the information with you!

What's is so cool about the new Nuna Pipa LITE car seat? Well, for one - it's featherlight, weighing just 5.3 lbs. The Nuna Pipa Lite is 33% lighter than the standard Nuna Pipa car seat and currently takes the title of the lightest infant seat in the USA! (Note that the weight does not include the canopy which adds some weight as well.)

nuna-pipa-lite-infant-car-seat-fog-34The shell of the Nuna Pipa LITE is made of Aeroflex foam. This foam is lightweight and resilient, and minimizes the force transferred to baby by absorbing and diffusing energy. The first-of-its-kind shell is created through an 8-hour molding process (while most car seat shells typically take just 90 seconds to create!).

There are no added Fire Retardants ANYWHERE on the car seat. The original Nuna Pipa did not have these chemicals on the fabrics, but the Nuna Pipa LITE does not contain them anywhere on entire car seat. Every element of the Pipa Lite has been sourced to be both fire resistant, and free of added fire retardant chemicals - from foam to fabric and beyond. nuna-pipa-lite-infant-car-seat-fog-13The included Memory Foam Insert provides customizable comfort while cradling newborns. The Nuna Pipa LITE is extra stylish with its leather-look carry handle and cushy fabrics. If you are like most parents and are always nervous that your car seat base may not be installed properly, well then you'll love the easy 5-second install with Nuna's True Lock™ Base Installation. The True lock rigid latch is 50% stronger than a typical belt latch. Integrated harness holders help when buckling baby in by keeping the harness out of the way. You can use the Nuna Pipa LITE on any of Nuna's strollers, like the Mixx2, Tavo, or IVVI to create a really stylish travel system. The car seat will be available soon at PishPosh Baby and retails at $349.95. Curious how the Nuna Pipa compares to the Nuna Pipa LITE? Compare them here! nuna-pipa-lite-infant-car-seat-fog-14
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