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NEW Nuna Tavo 2019 Fashions: Sage Green, Frost,& Granite

NEW Nuna Tavo 2019 Fashions: Sage Green, Frost,& Granite

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nuna tavo 2019The Nuna Tavo stroller remains the same for 2019 but they've added three new fashions: Sage Green, Frost, and Granite! Order your Tavo 2019 Stroller > The Nuna Tavo 2019 stroller is a luxurious stroller with spacious space for both you and your child. The Nuna Tavo has been nicknamed the "one click wonder" for its ability to attach a Nuna car seat without the additional adapters, making travel super easy and convenient. The stroller weighs 22.4 lbs. and is geared to be used from birth until 50 lbs. You can use the comfy infant insert to make the stroller newborn compatible and remove it once your child is older. The Nuna Pipa car seat attaches effortlessly to make the stroller travel-friendly. The stroller seat is large and comfortable and boasts an all-season seat. Keep your little one comfortable during hot or cold weather, by removing the seat fabric to reveal a mesh backing. The UPF 50+ canopy and dream drape provide extra protection against the sun, and the Skysmart ventilation panels provide air circulation and keep your little one cool. You can recline the seat into 4 positions, including a true-flat one which is great for newborns. Adjustable calf support allows for comfortable stretching. The 5-point harness can be converted to 3-points as your child grows older. For added safety, the removable arm bar is designed to fit all children, no matter the size. The handlebar is adjustable to allow parents of any height to push comfortably. Leather-look accents add an elegant touch to the stroller. The wheel-suspension minimizes bumps and provides a smooth ride when pushing the stroller. With one hand, you can fold the stroller into a compact package that can be wheeled up the stairs. The large underseat basket provides extra storage space to keep your essentials when heading out on errands. Chic, elegant, and designed to make your life easier for daily excursions and travel, the Nuna Tavo stroller is a top pick for parent. Bon voyage! frost

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