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NEW Nuna Pipa RX Car Seat - Full In-Depth Review + Photos!

NEW Nuna Pipa RX Car Seat - Full In-Depth Review + Photos!

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Nuna-PIPA-RX-Car-Seat-RELX-base-CaviarThe Nuna Pipa family just got bigger! Introducing the Nuna Pipa RX car seat! The Pipa RX in particular is perfect for city living and taxis as it can be installed with a vehicle seat belt. It is lightweight and is the dream car seat for parents on the go. It’s a brand new world for them. Your world has forever changed. Enjoy every magical moment with PIPA RX, a car seat bringing such comfort to your baby, you’ll feel it too. It starts with a full-coverage canopy with pull-out sky drape attaching silently with magnets and keeping them shaded. Then there’s the soft, organic jersey insert with two removable pieces for their customized comfort as they grow. Install easily in a cab directly using the belt path on the shell—no base necessary—or in the family car with the RELX base, featuring on-the-go recline. Equal in versatility and safety, PIPA rx is fashioned solely from materials that are free of fire retardant additives. Give them—and yourself—a good start on the journey.

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What's unique about the new Nuna Pipa RX Car Seat?

Some amazing features you will love on the Pipa RX are the popular sky drape, All-season, UPF 50+ canopy with flip out eyeshade and peek-a-boo window, two-piece removable infant insert + head support, buckle holders keep the harness out of the way when needed and of course - the included new RELX base.

Weight of the Pipa RX

At 7.5 lbs the Pipa RX is certainty light weight. It is east to carry with you wherever you and your little one travels to. Nuna-PIPA-RX-Car-Seat-RELX-base-Caviar2


An infant car seat is the most important piece of baby gear parents purchase. It is the first car seat entrusted in carrying your precious new born out of the hospital and to their home. With it's two-piece removable infant insert + head support and the insert fabric made out of organic jersey, your child will drive home from them hospital in absolute comfort. The Aerospace aluminum handle with it's luxe leatherette grip carrying the Pipa RX is not only easy but stylish. Pipa RX


A canopy is important in an car seat because it protects your little one from the harmful sun raises and ensures your little one is comfortable no matter the angle of the sun. The Nuna Pipa RX has an all-season, UPF 50+ canopy with flip out eyeshade and peek-a-boo window. The sky drape pulls down smoothly and attaches quietly with magnets making sure your child is sheltered from the glaring sun in their eyes. Nuna-PIPA-RX-Car-Seat-RELX-base-Caviar3

Safety on the Pipa RX Car Seat

Safety is beyond important when it comes to car seats and the Nuna Pipa RX does NOT disappoint. The entire car seat is free of fire retardant additives so parents do not have to worry about any harmful chemicals. The buckle holders keep the harness out of the way when needed and makes it easier to buckle your little one into the seat. Made out of EPO foam it is strong and can withstand pressure easily.

Pipa RXXXInstallation of the Pipa RX car seat

The Nuna Pipa RX has belt guides which means it can be installed without base. It has a 5 second true installation and is sporting the new RLEX base. The new base makes the Nuna Pipa RX easier to install and has a more integrated load leg making it less bulky while keeping all the safety features intact.

BasePrice for the Pipa RX car seat

The NEW Nuna Pipa RX car seat retails for $399.95. It has a higher price point from the previous Nuna Pipa's but it also sports many more features and is overall much easier to you!

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