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NEW Silver Cross Wave 2019 Stroller - What's new?

NEW Silver Cross Wave 2019 Stroller - What's new?

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silver-cross-wave-2019-double-strollerWhile the Coast is totally stealing the show, the Wave is making waves (pun intended:) as well! They are upgrading the Silver Cross Wave for 2019, with some great new upgrades and a beautiful new fashion.

What's new for the 2019 Silver Cross Wave?

The new Wave now weighs 3 lbs lighter, make it a bit easier to lift and push. The new deeper thermal molded bassinet which is suitable for overnight sleeping, and is compatible with the new folding bassinet stand. There are now 30 approved configurations so that your family can join for the ride not matter their age or stage There is a new beautiful Slate color! It features cocoa leather details - magnificent contrast! WAVE SLATE DETAIL HR --SLATE--The car seat adapters are now available separately:( The car seat adapters are compatible with the Maxi Cosi Mico 30, Maxi Cosi Mico Max 30, Nuna Pipa, Nuna Pipa Lite, Nuna Pipa Lite LX, Cybex Aton, Cybex Aton M and Cybex Cloud Q car seats. Add on the Silver Cross Surfboard to allow a third child to ride along.

What is the price on the Silver Cross 2019?

The new model remains at the same price of 1299. This is a great price for such a premium, versatile stroller that can be used as a double straight out of the box. Every detail on the Silver Cross Wave adds to its luxuriousness. ETA: March 2019

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