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NEW SlumberPod 3.0 - Full Review!

NEW SlumberPod 3.0 - Full Review!

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Introducing the SlumberPod 3.0! The SlumberPod is a small sleep space that prevents baby from waking up every time you turn on a light. Presented by Lou Childs and Katy Mallory, this portable, practical sleep solution is just what you need if your little one is a light sleeper and is sensitive to light. The perfect size to keep your little one’s playard, mattress or mini crib inside. 

The SlumberPod 3.0 has some updated features based on customer feedback, to make it even better for you. The carry bag is now a larger size, with room to fit both the SlumberPod and the SlumberPod fan (sold separately unless you order the SlumberPod Combo option), so that the SlumberPod space can be super breezy even when you’re traveling away from home. There’s now an additional fan pouch at the top of the canopy, besides the original fan pouch on the bottom of the SlumberPod. The original pouch is still there, so you can use it if you prefer!

The ventilation panel on the back of the Slumberpod has been redesigned with a more breathable mesh for increased airflow. There’s also a hassle-free monitor pouch design that allows for easier positioning, so you can set it up and it will stay in the perfect position, letting you keep an eye on your baby without having to adjust it and risk waking up your little one. 

Whether you saw the SlumberPod when it was presented on Shark Tank or you’re seeing it for the first time right now, we’re sure you can tell that this is just such an awesome thing to have on hand. Order your SlumberPod 3.0 today!