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NEW TruBliss 360° Turn-A-Tot High Chair - Full Review!

NEW TruBliss 360° Turn-A-Tot High Chair - Full Review!

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A well-designed high chair is so important. You want baby to be as well-positioned and comfortable as possible, so that he won’t want to jump out of the high chair seconds after you settle him down in it.

Getting a baby or toddler to eat can be quite a chore sometimes. Some babies are picky eaters, and some just don’t have interest in food. If your baby sits there sweetly with a finger food in hand, sucking patiently, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, one of the most highly recommended strategies to ensure your little one gets what he needs out of mealtime is to make sure he has a really good high chair so that he can sit comfortably. 

The TruBliss 2-in-1 Turn-A-Tot High Chair has a 2-position footrest, and a plush, padded seat. The design is relatively smooth, without any quilted patterns or other such details, making it simple to clean, without many spaces to dig deep down into to find crumbs squirreled away. The padded seat can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth. 

Of course, a seat that’s not padded can usually be cleaned faster, and this seat pad is removable in case you’d prefer that, but if your goal is to keep your baby comfortable in the high chair, you’ll be happy to know that the Turn-A-Tot comes with a padded seat! 

The Turn-A-Tot high chair has a 360-degree rotation feature so that you can easily turn your baby to face the table or the counter, so that if the family’s having mealtime, he can totally feel part of it, and if you’re prepping a quick breakfast on the kitchen island and the older kids are already off to school, you can still keep baby entertained while he eats, without having to shift the whole high chair over! It just makes life easier when you can turn the high chair in place from one direction to the next. 


TruBliss Turn-A-Tot High Chair

With two different height levels, you can use the high chair at the full height for babies, and you can adjust it to the lower height when your little one’s at the toddler stage. A sturdy and sleek wooden design brings you the utmost in style and safety. 

This high chair is simple to assemble, and comes with a 5-point harness system. For easy cleaning purposes, the tray is dishwasher safe. Shop the TruBliss Turn-A-Tot now!

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