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NEW! Updated Mountain Buggy Nano for 2016!

NEW! Updated Mountain Buggy Nano for 2016!

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Shop the new Mountain Buggy Nano > Tnano1200x1200_webshop_visordown_hero_redhe Mountain Buggy Nano is the ultimate travel stroller with a super compact fold. The Nano is one of the best choices for a travel stroller because of its car seat compatibility, deep recline, and great maneuverability. The Nano from 2015 did have some sore points, and for 2016 - Mountain Buggy has introduced an updated Nano stroller. What's new for the 2016 Mountain Buggy Nano?cocoon nano hero There is now a multi-position recline to FLAT! A new soft-shell cocoon carrycot is available to use on the lay-flat seat and you can put an infant in directly.nano lie flat with cocoon The extendable canopy now offers better coverage, with the mesh visor being replaced with actual canopy fabric. The seat back flap now has new mesh and solid cover option. The previous version had an open back and mesh on the sides. nano1200x1200_webshop_folded_front_redAnd last but not least, the wheel width is slightly slimmer at 21", instead of 22". Shop the new Mountain Buggy Nano >

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