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NEW Updates for all Bugaboo 2015 Strollers!

NEW Updates for all Bugaboo 2015 Strollers!

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UPDATE: THE 2015 BUGABOO STROLLERS ARE NOW IN STOCK! Standards in the baby gear world are changing and Bugaboo is always updating and improving existing strollers based on feedback from their loyal fans. Bugaboo wants their strollers to be an invitation to explore, to look ahead and not worry about obstacles. Here are the updates to the Bugaboo 2015/2016 Line:


Easy to adjust as the five straps can be adjusted separately, so whether you need to make more room for growing hips, waists or shoulders, or just need more room for that winter jacket, the straps can grow along with your child. Easy in with no more closed loops; thanks to the five independent point harness, every strap is easy to reach and easy to find, however fussy your passenger may be. Just click each of the straps into the central buckle – there are added dimples to show you the way – and after a resolute ‘click’, you’re good to go. Easy out, with just one click all of the straps pop out of the middle console. Hassle free. Naturally, we have ensured that the pressure needed to unlock the button is fine-tuned to be in line with international safety regulations. Not only does the new Comfort Harness have improved functionality, it is safety and comfort in full harmony. In the looks department they've upgraded the Comfort Harness as well - repositioning safety warnings for a more streamlined look, tucked away remaining fabric from the straps so they are out of the way of tiny hands & the middle button is now white, as with all interactive parts on a Bugaboo. The new harness will be featured on the 2015 Buffalo, Bee3, Donkey, and Cameleon3.


camfabric Eliminating obstacles can be as simple as eliminating the metal pins on the outside of the Bugaboo Cameleon3 2015 frames, creating an overall more aligned and clean look. The pins were originally used to attach the older model rain cover but are no longer required. This seat fabric solution is backwards compatible to existing seat frames and Bugaboo Cameleon+.


Safety comes first when we improve our products so Bugaboo has changed the shape of the handle bar on the Bugaboo Donkey 2015 to meet upcoming standards in the US. The handle bar now has a slightly more angular shape. donkeyWe have redesigned the handlebar shape and positions to ensure the minimal and maximum allowable opening between the adjustable handlebar and foot end of the car seat. The top handlebar shape becomes a bit more rectangular. We have increased the thickness of the handlebar by 1.5 mm/.1 cm. The added thickness gives the adjustable handlebar added comfort with a softer touch. We have improved the indication of the 6 new handlebar positions by adding laser markings on the inside of the handlebar side tubes. These markings show where the handlebar can and cannot be positioned.
New Bugaboo 2015/2016 strollers with the new updates are shipping now. There will be a price increase as well... ( bummer:( )