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New Valco Baby Duo Twin X Double Stroller

New Valco Baby Duo Twin X Double Stroller

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99797Valco Baby has redesigned and upgraded their popular Twin TriMode Ex into what will now be called the Valco Baby Duo Twin X. The Twin Trimode was most popular for its ability to accommodate a third child in a jump seat, also known as a Joey seat. So many people out there have twins while their older one still needs to ride in a proper stroller seat. This was the most ideal solution for them, and I've seen this stroller so many times out on the street. 88X6l9BN7QVBzw-fSWmkI_itdLBDnCn3ls2pKAjykxgThe Duo Twin X replaces the Twin TriMode and has some great new features as well. The most significant change to the updated stroller is to the overall size of the stroller which now has a smaller footprint when opened and smaller compact fold. Speaking of which, the new fold is super easy with simple hand levers and it folds in one simple step (two hands needed, of course, like with all double strollers). There's an automatic locking system as well. The most obvious change is the beautiful new fabrics and sleeker frame. The Duo Twin X now has two individual footrests (I love these!) and humongous 4-panel extendable canopies for the most coverage possible. The underseat basket is quite large and easy to access. Both seats recline near flat and include cushy headrests to accommodate a younger child. Two bumper bars and raincover are included (yay!)and the adjustable handle makes it comfortable to push for any parent, no matter how tall. The stroller has lost some weight as well (wish we can say the same!) A3aqs7NsGiOJedobaPxqY-8Tg7utC8iqO3_OmHibFU0Looks like the stroller will be coming out in red and all black. This stroller seems very comparable to the popular Indie Twin. Car seat adapters will be available for Graco, Chicco, Cybex, Nuna, and Maxi cosi. Order Now!

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