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NEW Vidiamo Limo Stroller - A convertible lightweight stroller - Full Review!

NEW Vidiamo Limo Stroller - A convertible lightweight stroller - Full Review!

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Vidiamo-photo1-1024x803When we stumbled across the newest release in Europe, we were simply blown away - and we are sure you will be too! Meet the brand new Vidiamo Limo stroller! The Limo stroller is a lightweight buggy that converts to a double stroller in a simple SNAP! This unique revolutionary stroller changes the way parents of a little one and a big one get around. So many parents have been searching for an alternative to a double stroller or the use of a buggy board for an older toddler who tends to tire out on a longer outtings. Well, the Limo stroller is the perfect solution. Vidiamo-photo7-1024x803Starting off as a lightweight single stroller, the Limo is perfect stroller for every child, with 3 positions including a fully flat position to sleep comfortably anywhere. The window on the canopy allows the parent to see their child at all times. The limo folds and unfolds in one quick step and slips into any small space you need, even the tiniest of trunks or elevators. Vidiamo-photo2-1024X803-1In one click, the chassis opens and an amazing hidden foldaway seat slides out from under the main seat to make room for a second child whenever and wherever you need. Another option is using the shopping tote in the front position as well. Grocery shopping with your child just got easier. In addition to the extra large basket underneath the stroller, you can add whatever you want in the shopping tote in front.
Vidiamo-photo6-1024x803-1024x803If you have one child in the main seat and it's naptime, simply pull open the chassis to expand the legroom in a second. Your child can sleep as comfortably as in his bed. And lastly - there is a cosy and chic carry cot available for the Limo with a removable canopy that allows you to carry your baby everywhere you go. Easy to remove from the stroller, it is the perfect little bed for baby’s first months. And the best part? You can use the font seat + carry cot at the same time! Stroll around with baby comfortably installed and big sister or brother sitting just in front. No more hassle of an extra stroller or a skateboard attached behind, the limo does it all!
"With 3 young children, even the shortest journeys around the neighborhood or Sunday strolls can be a challenge. The idea to create the limo came one day when my second daughter refused to walk, saying that it was too long and too tiring. If only I had a second seat hidden away somewhere in this stroller that I could just pull out when I need… »" Benedicte Perrot, founder of the LimoVidiamo-photo3-1024x803
Exactly what every parent has always dreamed of. After three years of design, concept and engineering, the limo is born. We are hoping that the amazing Limo stroller arrives in the USA soon!

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