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NEW ZaZu Bedtime Products

NEW ZaZu Bedtime Products

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A new line will be coming to the USA soon and what can we say - we're super impressed. The ZaZu baby line includes an impressive selection of adorable and fuctional tech toys that will help your little ones fall asleep and wake up peacefully. The Sam Sleep Trainer is a compact sleeptrainer, clock and nightlight that is powered by batteries or mains electricity. Sam's eyes close at bedtime and open in the morning when it is OK to get up. Set at a specific time or by length of nap. The dimmable nightlight can stay lit continuously or automatically switch off after 5-15-30 minutes. Retails for $49.99
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Lou the Nightlight is compact light that is powered by batteries or mains electricity. Can be left on all night or set to switch off automatically. Set the timer to automatically switch off once your child has dropped off to sleep. The voice activated sound sensor will switch on the warm glowing light if your child wakes up in the night. Retails for $29.99 c58832GvhTUbX1ViU The Fin is a reading light and nightlight all in one. Fin is wireless and does not overheat, so it is perfectly safe for him to take to bed. FIN will automatically switch off after 1 hour, so your child can fall asleep with light...and sleep through the night in the dark. The Dex, Liz, and Don Plush Toy that includes a heartbeat sound will be coming soon..:) 8d8832CFRjxU8oC8QWith bedtime being a pretty stressful half hour in my home, the Zazu line is something that I would love to try! Check back soon with updates on ETA's!

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