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Nuna Mixx Next VS Mixx2 In-Depth Comparison

Nuna Mixx Next VS Mixx2 In-Depth Comparison

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MIXX Next Nuna MIXX With the NEW Nuna Mixx Next coming out the Pish Posh family has been getting so many questions on how it compares to it's predecessor, The Nuna Mixx Next. The Nuna Mixx Next is the new and improved Nuna Mixx and we are loving it! The overall design has changed to have a smaller footprint and parents can expect a smaller more compact fold than ever before. The ride is smoother than ever with the upgraded suspension but many of the same beloved features that we have fallen in love with on the Nuna Mixx can still be found on the Nuna Mixx Next luckily.


Like we mentioned above the Nuna Mixx and the Nuna Mixx Next have different overall design therefore different specs! The Nuna Mixx Next clocks in at 45″ x 32″ x 23.5″high and weighs 28.3. pounds. The Nuna Mixx has a slightly smaller weight at 27 pounds but has a bigger footprint at 37" L x 23.5" W x 44" H. MIXX Next Nuna MIXX


A MAJOR change between these two strollers come in the Mixx Next new and improved fold. The Nuna Mixx Next has an automatic lock and compact fold-away axle™ for a more compact fold. The folded dimensions are 19″ x 27.5″ x 23.5″. While the Nuna Mixx still has an easy fold the Next is substantially easier and the Mixx also has a bigger fold at 34" L x 23.5" W x 18" H.
Fold Nuna Mixx Nuna Mixx Next

Canopy & Handlebar

As far as Canopies go not to much has changed as they both have amazing UPF 50+ extendable canopies with ventilation panels and window. The Nexxt canopy is water repellant. Both have adjustable handlebars for parents of any height. canopy


When it comes to seats the Nuna Mixx line is top of the line. Both strollers feature Nuna’s awesome all-weather seat. Both seats reverse easily so that your baby can face you or the world and have an easy one hand, multi position lie flat seats. Your child will be comfortable in wither one of these seats with their removable two-piece bamboo blend fabric seat insert. The Next sports a removable arm bar for kids of all sizes.


The Nuna Mixx and the Nuna Mixx Next both have decent storage. The Nuna Mixx has a large two compartment under seat storage basket while the Next has a two pockets and a zipper for extra protection and room as well as a cellphone pocket in the back of the stroller. storage


This is an area where parents can easily see the difference between these two strollers! The Nuna MIXX Next has redesigned wheels and suspension as well as additional suspension in the rear wheels making it perfect for any terrain. The Nuna mixx has all wheel suspension so it can still hold its own. wheels

Travel System

The Nuna Mixx Next and the Nuna Mixx are paired with color matching Nuna PIPA car seat and it comes with infant car seat ring adapters for Nuna PIPA car seat.


The Nuna Mixx retails for $649.95 and the Nuna Mixx Next retails for $800 both come with the Nuna Ring Adapter. MIXX Next Nuna MIXX shop now cursive
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