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Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seats - Comparison

Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seats - Comparison

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Searching for an infant car seat can be overwhelming, especially if you're a new mom with so many other things to think about. At PishPosh Baby, we've made shopping for a car seat super simple, like you want it to be!

Today, we’ve simplified your shopping experience by presenting you with a carefully curated selection of infant car seats. Save time, and know you’re choosing from the best when you decide between our most highly recommended options!

These luxury car seats are all designed by Nuna, an upscale European brand that is renowned for safety, practicality, and attention to detail in every product they put forward. Nuna is actually one of our favorite brands, and we totally recommend them to our customers!

Nuna has two regular infant car seat options; the Pipa and the Pipa RX, and three lightweight choices; the Pipa Lite, Pipa Lite LX, and Pipa Lite R.

Each Nuna Pipa infant car seat comes with a leather handlebar that’s stylish and easy to grasp, and a spacious UPF 50+ canopy. All of these car seats are flame resistant, free of any flame retardants, and they’re considered to be some of the safest car seats available today!

Pipa car seats can be used without the base, but the Pipa lite car seats can only be used with the base.

And just so you know, these car seats are aircraft certified, so they’re the perfect choice to take with you on all your travel adventures!

Check out the chart below where we compare these infant car seats side by side! 

Logo Nuna-PIPA-RX-Car-Seat-RELX-base-Caviar Nuna PIPA LIte Infant Car Seat Nuna-Pipa-Lite-R-Car-Seat-Relx-Base-Caviar Nuna Pipa Lite LX Car Seat
Pipa Pipa RX Pipa Lite Pipa Lite R Pipa Lite LX
Product Weight 8 lbs 7.5 lbs 5.3 lbs 5.3 lbs 5.7 lbs

4 – 32 lbs capacity

Up to 32 inches

5-Second True Lock Installation
Can be installed without base x x x
Included base Pipa series base RELX base Pipa series base RELX base Pipa series base
Installation Carrier or base install Carrier or base install Base only install Base only install Base only install
Flame retardant  free
Insert fabric Polyester Organic Jersey Polyester Organic Jersey Merino Wool
Foam EPO EPO Aeroflex Foam Aeroflex Foam Aeroflex Foam
Aerospace Aluminum Handle
Luxe leatherette Handle Grip
Infant insert Head insert & body insert Head insert & body insert Head insert & body insert Head insert & body insert Head insert & body insert
Additional infant insert included x x x
Buckle Holders x
Removable UPF 50+ canopy with flip out eyeshade
Dream Drape x x
Peek-a-boo window x x x
Crotch belt positions 2 2 1 1 1
Compatible with all Nuna and select premium strollers
Included accessories Base, latch guides Base, latch guides Base, extra insert, latch guides Base, latch guides
Base, extra insert, latch guides
Price $319.95 $349.95 $349.95 $399.95 $399.95


Read on to find out more about each of these car seats and how they compare to each other!

Nuna Pipa Infant Car Seat

The Pipa infant car seat is the original car seat from this collection, and you can tell how awesome it is by how many popular car seats were developed since, based on this model!

Now let’s talk about the fabulous features on this amazing Nuna car seat.

There’s a UPF50+ canopy with a peekaboo window so you can keep an eye on your baby, and a dream drape, which is really cool - it’s a stretchy fabric that attaches with magnets, that you can pull down for naptime or to keep your baby out of the sun. Models without the dream drape; the Pipa Lite and Pipa Lite R, are a bit more lightweight.

This car seat features an ultra plush seat, made from indulgently soft fabrics. Aside from keeping your little one nestled in comfort, this infant car seat also provides the highest level of safety, with side impact protection and a heavy duty (yet not too heavy!) shell. The lightweight carry handle has an ergonomic shape so that it’s easy to grasp.

You can use this car seat beginning from day one, because there’s a removable infant insert for head support for your newborn!

Check out the details on this car seat! We love the leatherette handle and sleek design, and that the seat cover is washable and removable, which is so important.

Unlike the Pipa Lite and Pipa Lite RX, this car seat can be used safely without the base, since it features seat belt guides! This makes it an excellent option if you’re in and out of cabs often, or even if you sometimes take family vacations.

This car seat is $319.95, which is $30.00 cheaper than the Nuna Pipa Lite. It comes in four colors: Birch, Caviar, Frost and Granite.

The Nuna Pipa base is super easy to install, and comes with a steel rod that extends to the floor, which is designed to help prevent forward rotation in the case of an accident.


Shop the Nuna Pipa now!

Nuna Pipa Lite

The biggest advantage to the Nuna Lite is that it’s so lightweight, at just 5.3 pounds. Instead of straining yourself, choose a lightweight car seat that’s easy to carry! The Lite isn’t made from the same foam as the Pipa; it’s made from featherlight Aeroflex foam. This car seat is officially certified for aircraft use, but only if used together with the base, so it can get a little complicated… If you’re a frequent traveler or you take taxis often, you’ll want to keep in mind that this cannot be used without the car seat base. Because of this, we recommend this car seat for families with one or two cars that they always use.

The Lite is sleek and modern, like the rest of the Nuna infant car seats, with the signature sleek leatherette handlebar you’ve come to expect and love about the Nuna car seats!

There’s a removable headrest with memory foam incorporated for a custom fit that’s perfect for your baby! For safety, this car seat comes with top level side impact protection, and a 5-point harness. The Pipa Lite is priced at $349.95.

Shop Nuna Pipa Lite now!

Nuna Pipa Lite LX

The Nuna Pipa Lite LX is really cool! It's kind of an upgraded model of the Pipa Lite, with a soft Merino wool + Tencel blend knit that has temperature regulating properties to keep baby comfortable. This material is also antimicrobial and moisture wicking.

This car seat is just a bit heavier than the Lite car seat, since unlike the Lite, it comes with the dream drape, a canopy extension that will make naptime a breeze. However, it is lighter than the original Nuna Pipa. The Pipa Lite LX needs to be used with the base. There’s a UPF50+ canopy that will shield your baby from the sun. The Pipa Lite LX is priced at $399.95.

NEW AS OF 8/4/2021: The Pipa Lite LX now features a luggage leatherette handle for a sleek, updated look!

Shop Pipa Lite LX now!

Nuna Pipa Lite R

The Nuna Pipa Lite R doesn’t have a dream drape, and therefore is a bit lighter than some of the other choices. Something else that makes it a more lightweight choice is that the foam cushioning is made from aeroflex, which is a really awesome material that’s super light, yet terrifically strong. This car seat comes with a RELX base that has 4 recline options, increased adjustability to customize the fit for baby and vehicle. It needs to be used with the base. This car seat is $399.95.

Shop Pipa Lite R now!

Pipa RX

The Pipa RX is lighter than the original Pipa. This car seat is actually an awesome choice for lots of people -- even though it’s not as light as the Pipa Lite car seats! -- since, unlike those car seats, it can be used without the base. That means that if you’re a frequent traveler or you’re hailing cabs often, this would be a great option! The insert fabric is a soft organic jersey that’ll keep your baby nestled in blissful comfort. This car seat comes with the dream drape, so your baby can enjoy a peaceful sleep, undisturbed. If you’re looking for a lightweight car seat that doesn’t need to be used with a base, try the Pipa RX! It costs just $349.95.

Shop Pipa RX now!

Nuna Pipa infant car seats aren’t just luxurious with a sleek design; they’ll also keep your baby cradled in sumptuous comfort. Choose the car seat from this selection that works best for your needs!


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