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Nuna Pipa Lite R Car Seat 2020 - Full, In-depth Review!

Nuna Pipa Lite R Car Seat 2020 - Full, In-depth Review!

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Nuna-Pipa-Lite-R-Car-Seat-Relx-Base-Granite The NEW Nuna Pipa Lite R car seat is as light and efficient as possible. Made out of the best material, the Nuna Pipa Lite R is sure to be a favorite among parents. This amazing car seat comes equipped with the new Pipa RLEX base making it easier use and more efficient than ever! Appointments and errands, plus naps and playdates— you do enough. Ease your daily juggle with the featherweight PIPA lite R. Only premium materials can achieve this airiness— aerospace aluminum and Aeroflex foam not only make this seat the lightest infant car seat (5.3 lb* ), but also provide superior protection and are free of fire retardant additives. Top it off with the bubble-free, peace-of-mind install of RELX base with on-the-go recline. Take the heavy lifting out of parenting, and travel lite.

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Weight of the Pipa Lite R Car Seat

The new Pipa Lite r really lives up to the name that it is lighter. At 5.3 lbs* the Nina Pipa Lite r is as light as they come without compromising safety standards. *Without insert or canopy; matches Nuna PIPA™ lite weight.


Comfort is on of the most important features of a car seat. Safety night be the number one concern of new parents when picking out a car seat but comfort is not far behind at number 2.With its head insert and body insert made out of organic jersey, your child will love napping in their car seat all comfortable. The Aerospace aluminum handle with it's luxe leatherette grip carrying is a stylish classic feature that will be returning for this new car seat. A canopy is important in an car seat because it protects your little one from the harmful sun raises and ensures your little one is comfortable no matter the angle of the sun. The Nuna Pipa lite r has an all-season, UPF 50+ canopy that will keep the glaring sun out of your little one's eyes. Nuna-Pipa-Lite-R-Car-Seat-Relx-Base-Caviar3

Safety on the Nuna Pipa

Light but safe, the entire car seat is free of fire retardant additives so parents do not have to worry about any harmful chemicals. The buckle holders keep the harness out of the way when needed and makes it easier to buckle your little one into the seat. Made out of Areoflexfoam it is strong and can withstand pressure easily. Lite R

Installation of the Pipa Lite R

The Nuna Pipa Lite R has a 5 second true installation with a bubble-free, peace-of-mind install of the NEW RELX base with on-the-go recline. The new RLEX base makes the Nuna Pipa R easier to install and has a more integrated load leg making it less bulky while keeping all the safety features intact. Base


The NEW Nuna Pipa Lite R car seat retails for $399.95. It has a higher price point but with so many new features it's all so worth it.

Shop the new Nuna Pipa Lite R car seat >

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