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Nuna REBL Car Seat - Debuting in Europe!

Nuna REBL Car Seat - Debuting in Europe!

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nuna reblThis Kind+Jugend fair is coming up this weekend and Nuna will be making a splash there, introducing their all-new Nuna REBL Car Seat. The Nuna REBL rotates 360 degrees and can accommodate children from birth all the way up to 4 years old! While Nuna is not the first company to introduce such a seat, they will definitely take the lead in this category because of their unsurpassed style, function and safety standards. As of yet, no such seat is available in the USA from any manufacturer, as the USA has a completely different set of safety regulations. There is a revolutionary new standard in Europe called iSize - this technology allows a convertible car seat to rotate and recline smoothly, becoming the only car seat you'll need for your little one. nuna reblKeeping true to the unique, clever styling and functionality that Nuna always brings to the table, the REBL flaunts a first of its kind additional airy mesh seat cover for easy clean up of little messes while on the go. Additional thought was put into the shell of the seat, with the interior ventilation panels creating a comfortable climate for even the longest of trips.
"Nuna's goal continues to be to make smart gear in both style and function, while striving to make the most secure product at the same time. The REBL is a result of just that. Parents should not have to settle between safety, simplicity, style and longevitiy of use when it comes to a car seat. With the Nuna REBL - now they don't have to." said Nuna International Director of Product Management, Esther Saint.
While it doesn't seem like the REBL will be here anytime soon, we just wanted to fill you in on all the latest and greatest in the baby gear world - especially with products from Nuna!

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