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Nuna Leaf Wind Attachment for your Leaf - Full Review!

Nuna Leaf Wind Attachment for your Leaf - Full Review!

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BISQUE_LEAFWIND_LEAF_FRONTSo so SO many people have chosen the Nuna Leaf bouncer for their little one, but as much as they appreciate the silent swaying, it would be nice to have the rocker sway on its own without having to give it another push every couple of minutes... Enter the Nuna Leaf Wind! The Nuna Wind is a small motor that attaches to the new Nuna Leaf and automates it! There's a built-in light with three adjustments, and there are six speed options for the Wind. This new accessory is bound to be a hit, making the Nuna Leaf the ideal choice for a baby with style. The Wind's integrated one-touch sensor control panel is easy to use no batteries needed. There's an included mini usb cord works with both wall plug and battery backup charger. Recommended use: birth until child weighs 25 lbs or can sit up. The Wind only works with the 2015/2016 Nuna Leaf and Leaf Curv. You can check if the model you own is compatible by checking the model number on your bouncer. Only works with Leaf model numbers beginning with SE-20- or SE-31-. Retails for $99.95 and is in stock! Order your Nuna Wind >

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