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Orbit Baby G2 Stroller - The Next Generation Concept Stroller

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The Orbit Baby is an awesome stroller. Theres no denying that. But the new Orbit G2 is going to change the world of strollers! I love the original Orbit Baby Stroller but this one is out of this world! The orbit toddler seat in the original stroller was just that. A toddler seat. The new orbit g2 seat will acommodate both newborn and toddler! How cool! No need to purchase anything else! If you decide you dont want to go with the orbit infant seat. Just get the orbit seat and the frame for $600 retail and you just got yourself an orbit stroller that you can use for your newborn and toddler! Another difference with the last Orbit stroller, is that in addition to being able to rotate your child 360 degrees you can now tilt the child back and forward. Its called 3D Rotation! How cool! Theres no other stroller out there with that!! But that’s just one new feature. Orbit apparently spent a lot of time listening to it’s customers and added a ton of new features into the G2. 1. Firstly, there are no more air tires. Yay! Foam Tires! 2. 4 shock absorbers PER TIRE. Great Great News! 2. New cup holder that holds one big drink and extra space for your keys, cell phone etc... 3. A new snack tray for the child, that has a cover. How awesome. This is the first one I've ever seen! Clip the lid and shut it when your child had enough. (So the cheerios dont get thrown all over the store you're shopping in... Yes that didnt only happen to you!) 4. A real neat under-bag that comes off with the push of a button and becomes a tote bag / diaper bag. 5. A vented back panel that you can zip open for hot days, or zip closed for rainy ones. 6. A new hard foot rest that’s extendable as your baby grows. (yes they do grow!) 9. A real exciting new red color. Yes we are kinda bored of the black and mocha All these great features coming soon!

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Click Here For a Sneak Peak video demo of the Orbit G2 Stroller

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