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Orbit Baby SideKick Stroller Board Skateboard - Now Taking Pre-Orders!

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The Orbit Side Kick Stroller Board - Skateboard is coming! The Sidekick Stroller Board for the Stroller G2 is now available for pre-order. This product is a great solution for families with two, or even 3, children. Orbits design team has worked hard to deliver a uniquely useful and fun board unlike anything else out there: this exciting new board attaches to the side of the stroller in a patent-pending design. So Cool! and So Fun!! This results in a fun skateboard riding position for the older child, and also means that the parent doesn’t end up walking into the board while they stroll. And, because it attaches to the wheel, you can put one on each side – thus allowing for families with three children to stroll together. No other ride along board delivers all of these benefits. As a mom of 3 myself, this is really exciting!! More Features: fun for children: the only stroller board with a fun skateboard riding position for your older children - truly grows with your family: add one Sidekick for your older child to ride along, and even add a second Sidekick for an unprecedented three-child solution - side-riding position accommodates tall children without the stroller's handlebars in their way - side-riding position also gives parents unobstructed walking while strolling - attach your Sidekick stroller board system to either side of your stroller (or both sides if you are using two Sidekicks) - included riding handles attach to both sides of your stroller so your toddler can easily hold on while riding the Sidekick - board includes a gripping texture for kids to stand on - easily attaches and detaches from your stroller - your Orbit Baby Stroller Frame G2 still folds with a Sidekick attached - with a child on the Sidekick, your other child can ride comfortably in any Orbit Baby seat, in any strolling position (including the Stroller Seat G2 in reclined, forward- and parent-facing positions) - flips up and stays out of the way when your toddler wants to walk - orbitgreen™: PVC-free Material - all materials, including wood treatment, gripping texture tape, and adhesive, are carefully selected to be PVC-free - all materials phthalate-free - wood board meets ASTM D6007-02 formaldehyde emissions limits - for use with children from age 2 to 50lbs (23kg) - includes two stroller storage rings, right- and left-side attachable riding handles, and backpack-style travel bag

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