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Oribel Cocoon High Chair : Full In-Depth Review

Oribel Cocoon High Chair : Full In-Depth Review

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91GIRlmd0kLHigh chairs are the center to home life with a baby. High chairs are where every meal, mess and laughter happens. The Oribel Cocoon High Chair makes meal time a little more easier. SPECS The high chair is 42" H x 22" W x 32" D and 44 lbs. It is easy to move around in your house and looks sleek and sophisticated in your home. It can hold up to 46 lbs and is perfect for a child 6 months to 3 years old. It has 6 height positions that you can adjust as your child grows older and is ready to join the family by the table. Oribel_Cocoon_High_Chair_PDP_Sliding_Banner_Slate-01_1000xTRAY The tray for this high chair is big and has plenty of room for your child’s dinner. There is a magnetic feature on the tray which makes storing the tray on the back of the chair super easy. When your child is really young, it's easy to sway the tray for a unique Food and Cup Holder which attaches easily on either side of the seat.The top tray inset pops off and is dishwasher safe will make cleaning up after dinner a breeze! traySEAT Seats make the high chair and the Oribel cocoon seat can hold its own among the top highchair seats. The Oribel Cocoon seat has three recline positions and comfortable foam pads so your child will always be comfortable. The seats are waterproof EVA seat which parents will love because of the easy clean up. There are no crooks and crannies so no food will get lodged in this seat and keeping it clean will be easy. seatSTYLE Sophisticated and functional this high chair is hard to beat. The Oribel Cocoon comes in 4 different colors; Slate, blue raspberry marshmallow, green pistachio and rose meringue. colorsPRICE The Oribel Cocoon starts at $199.99 and the perfect high chair for messy eaters.

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