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Our Favorite Fridababy Products!

Our Favorite Fridababy Products!

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Fridababy has some of the most adorable baby care products you can find. Whether it’s dealing with cradle cap or a fever, there’s a Fridababy product for that! Here are the most popular Fridababy products. These are absolutely must-haves! Once you try the FridaBaby version of something, chances are you’ll never want to use anything else!

NoseFrida the Snotsucker

The NoseFrida is the most awesome thing you can get if your baby always has a cold or a stuffy nose. This a gentle, totally safe baby booger buster that is so simple to use! If your baby needs a nasal aspirator that actually works, the Frida Nose Sucker is just the thing! Here’s how it works:

Fridababy Baby Basics Kit

The Fridababy Baby Basics Kit is a collection of all the Fridababy items you deserve! It’s basically a zippered pouch that comes with the NoseFrida & Hygiene Filters, the DermiFrida, the NailFrida and 5 Windi Gaspasser Tubes! 


The MediFrida is an adorable paci that you can use to give your baby medicine. It lets out the medicine on the side of the cheek, so that it bypasses the taste buds. The MediFrida can actually double as a regular pacifier, so that your baby gets used to it. There are measurement markings for medicine doses on the MediFrida syringe, making it easy to ensure your baby gets the right dose! 


FeverFrida is a brilliantly designed thermometer that you can use to take your baby’s temperature while he sleeps! Now how awesome is that? It works with a patch under the arm. It can be connected to a smartphone or tablet, and will send an alert when the temp goes above a certain level. 


The NailFrida is the best nail clipper for babies, hands down. Cutting a baby’s nails for the first time can be a little scary, but with the NailFrida, you can totally tackle all of your trimming troubles. This is the smoothest, easiest nail clipper for babies. The white piece on the clipper makes it much easier to hold it perfectly steady, and there’s a little spyhole so that you can see exactly where you’re cutting. If you need a nail clipper for your baby, try this one. 

FridaBaby products are something every family can use. They're too good to be true, and once you get them, you'll never understand how you managed without them! 

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