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Our Favorite Tiny Love Toys!

Our Favorite Tiny Love Toys!

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Tiny Love toys are some of the cutest, most adorable toys, loved by babies everywhere. Tiny Love’s toy collection includes stroller toys, baby mobiles, play gyms, play mats, and lots more. These products are all fabulous choices if you’re looking to give someone a baby gift! Here are some cute, classic Tiny Love toys that we recommend!

Tiny Love Stroller Toys

Tiny Love stroller toys are perfect for your Doona, UPPABaby, or practically any other stroller. These toys range from $9.99 to $24.99. We got one of these - the Tiny Love Tiny Princess Tales Sunny Stroll Arch - as a gift, and our baby loves it. We kept it on her doona for months, and it really helped her keep occupied during car rides and afternoon walks. 


The arch is flexible, and can bend into the right shape. You can move it forward, backwards, up or down. There’s an attachment clip on each side of the stroller that’s used to tighten the stroll arch onto the stroller or take it off. 
All of these Tiny Love stroller toys come with 3 toys on the actual stroll arch, and 1 toy hanging down from each of those 3, for a total of 6 toys.
Aside from the Tiny Love princess arch, there are also 2 other stroller arches with bold, vibrant colors to keep your baby entertained - the Tiny Love Meadow Days Stroll Arch, & the Tiny Love Into the Forest Stroller Toy



If you want something with more subtle colors that goes with your black, grey, or white stroller, the Tiny Love Magical Tales Black & White Sunny Stroll Arch is perfect! It’s a sleek, contemporary arch with soft pastel detail. 

Tiny Love Clip-On Stroller Toys

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, there are really cute clip-on toys that you can attach to your stroller - check out the Tiny Love Meadow Days Marie Jumpy and the Tiny Love Into the Forest Isaac Jitter, two other Tiny Love stroller toy options besides the stroll arches. 

Tiny Love Mobile Toys

We love these mobile toys because they’re so versatile! Not only can they easily attach to an infant car seat or stroller; they can also attach to a crib, play yard or bassinet. 

Tiny Love Into the Forest Classic Mobile

This classic mobile has got some adorable characters and vibrant, baby-friendly colors! The Tiny Love Into the Forest Classic Mobile’s soothing night light and 20 minutes of classical music with the press of a button will help to pleasantly lull your baby into dreamland.
When your baby gets a little older, the mobile can be disconnected from the base, and the base is kind of like a music box, with a baby activated control button that will inspire your little one’s exploration!

Tiny Love Meadow Days Take- Along Mobile

With the Tiny Love Meadow Days Take-Along Mobile, your baby can enjoy 30 minutes of music, with 5 different soothing melodies
Tiny Love Mobile toys are the only Tiny Love toys that feature musical sounds! 

Tiny Princess Tales™ Soothe 'n Groove Mobile

The Tiny Princess Tales Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile is absolutely adorable. It has loads of innovative features, including a baby activated button on the music box that your baby can play with and even hold once they’re able to sit!
This mobile features top-quality speakers and a shuffle button. It has 18 different melodies in 6 musical categories, and can play up to 40 minutes of music! Options include white noise, nature, lullabies and several other types of music. Unique patented movement, with pleasant music playing along, will provide your baby with a truly blissful experience! 

Tiny Love Play Gyms

Tiny Love play gyms come with 3-4 hanging toys for your child to reach for and play with, and a cute, round mirror to look through. These mats feature innovative interactive details to give baby a fun time! Our family has the Into the Forest Gymini, and my baby really likes it. Like all other Tiny Love toys, these play gyms are flame retardant free, for the safety of your baby.

Tiny Love Play Mats

Tiny Love play mats are much more affordable than the Tiny Love Gyminis, at just $39.99 for a play mat (compared to $79.99 for a Tiny Love Gymini). They’re also much simpler to store, and they take up much less space when folded. Like the Gyminis, Tiny Love play mats are an awesome lounge space for babies who don't crawl yet, and are also perfect for tummy time! The stand-alone mirror, bold colors and other exciting details (details vary for each mat) will keep your baby entertained. 

Tiny Love's collection comes with some of the most adorable baby toys, including play mats, stroller toys, baby mobiles, play gyms, and more. Shop now!

Tiny Love Brand Values



LET’S MEET THE TINY LOVE PIONEERS! Janis the Koala  Named after famous songwriter, Janis Joplin	Christopher the Fox  Named after the explorer Christopher Columbus	Thomas the Rabbit   Named after Thomas Edison, renowned inventor Marco the Racoon   Named after Marco Rubio, traveler & Pioneer	Emilia the Bird   Named after Emilia Earhart, first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic	Mark the Sloth   Named after Mark Twain, American writer Florence the Fawn   Named after Florence Nightingale, famous nurse	Albert the Beaver   Named after Albert Einstein, physicist	Isaac the Bear   Named after Isaac Newton, scientist & mathematician Albertina the Beaver   Named after Albert Einstein, physicist	Jane the Squirrel   Named after Jane Austen, revered writer	Jules the Penguin   Named after science fiction writer Jules Verne  	Alex the Reindeer   Named after Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone	Rob the Husky   Named after Robert Peary, American Arctic explorer
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