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Our Favorite Tried & True Mom Hacks!

Our Favorite Tried & True Mom Hacks!

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Being a mom can be tough, especially at the beginning, but as you get more experienced, you get more and more creative. We asked some moms we know what hacks they’ve discovered over the years, and here’s what they came up with. We’re so excited to share these with you!




Baby earrings are so adorable, but they’re always becoming loose. Well, here’s a solution - locking earring backs! Totally genius. 




Baby screaming? So colicky, you don’t know what to do? Try standing in front of the sink and letting the baby watch the water. There’s something about watching water flow down that really calms a baby down. And for a toddler, if the water isn’t exciting enough, an impromptu bath can sometimes do the trick. 





Keep a diaper caddy or bag in your car at ALL times, because you never know when you’ll need it! Inside, you can keep a package of wipes and some diapers, a few empty plastic bags, and a change of clothes. Also, if your baby is taking bottles, this is the perfect place to keep a small baby bottle, along with a water bottle and a small container of formula (you’ll need an insulated diaper bag for that), for any emergencies. 





Every mom knows what it’s like to give a baby medicine. Basically, not fun at all! But here’s a tip from an experienced mommy: Pierce a hole in the pacifier, and give your baby the medicine through that! Best is always to give the medicine while baby is sleeping. 


Slow down those disappearing socks: Put baby’s socks into a mesh bag before you add it to the load. This way, maybe they won’t get lost! 



Use a toothbrush that you can slip your finger in to brush your baby or toddler’s teeth. We happen to love this silicone Mushie Finger Toothbrush




Mornings are hectic, and the more that’s prepped beforehand, the better. Put together lunches the night before. Have your kids’ clothing ready for the next day too. And don’t forget to look for those socks, headbands, etc. because those are some of the things that your kids can be most frantic for in the morning! 


Do you have a hack that can help other moms? Let us know in the comments below!

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