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Our Top Picks for Outdoor Fun

Our Top Picks for Outdoor Fun

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When the sun winks through your windows, you can't help it but feel a surge of energy urging you to spend all your time outdoors.

And you know who else has probably caught the spring fever? The little members of your household are likely clamoring to go bye-bye and crawl, scoot, or toddle over to the front door with hopeful eyes, and perhaps some enthusiastic demands.

And who can blame them? After being cooped and bundled up all winter long, the freedom of spring is just glorious. So whether you and your little one are taking a stroll in the park, heading to the beach, or simply enjoying some time in the backyard, having the right gear can make all the difference. Here are some outdoor baby gear essentials to ensure you and your little one have fun and comfortable outings.


Sun protection first

With the sun shining bright, it's so important to protect your baby's delicate skin. Pop on a cute sun hat with a wide brim to shield their face and neck from the sun's rays. And don't forget to apply baby-safe sunscreen to any exposed skin. It’s also a good idea to bring along a lightweight muslin blanket to provide extra shade when needed.


Hit the pavement with a lightweight stroller

You can still go jogging, even with a little workout buddy. You’ll just want to put your kiddo in the right kind of carriage. 

Investing in a lightweight and maneuverable stroller is a baby gear essential that’ll allow you to keep up your active lifestyle. Look for one that has a canopy to keep your baby shaded and comfy. Bonus points if it has an adjustable recline feature for those impromptu nap times on the go. 

Lots of moms prefer the Bugaboo Butterfly for strolls, walks, and runs - it’s light as a feather, has smooth steering and is comfortable for baby.


Take a hike with your tyke

No need to bid those beautiful peaks goodbye yet. Whoever said hiking days are over once you have a baby, clearly hasn't discovered the joys of family tramping. 

For more adventurous outings like hikes or nature walks, a baby carrier is a game-changing, baby gear essential. 

The Thule Sapling is a favorite of hikers. It’s got great support and a customizable fit for parents. Plus, the ventilated seating and sunshade will keep your little one comfy ‘n cool to take in the views, charm passersby, and then fall asleep snuggled against your back. (Because hiking is exhausting!)


Outdoor blanket

Packing an outdoor blanket may not qualify as a baby gear essential per se, but is definitely a great thing to have on hand for picnics or playtime in the park. Look for one that’s washable and folds up compactly for easy storage in your diaper bag or stroller basket.


Food for thought

Outdoor trips are pretty much guaranteed to make your little one hungry. Portable snacks and drinks are a recommended baby gear essential. Fill up some spill-proof snack cups with your baby’s favorite snacks so they can safely munch on their own. And don’t forget a sippy cup because water will keep your thirsty imp refreshed and hydrated.


Shoo fly, don’t bother me

As the weather warms up,not only do flowers and birds begin to emerge, but pesky bugs make their appearance, as well. 

A baby-safe bug repellent is a useful baby gear essential in keeping your baby protected from insect bites. Look for one that is DEET-free and suitable for infants.

Also, stroller and car seat bug nets act as the perfect shield to keep those annoying critters from bugging your baby while you’re on the go.


The joys of toys

Bring along some spring-friendly toys to keep your busy babe zipping around and letting out all their energy during your outings.

Here are some super popular choices:

The Doona Liki is the most compact-folding trike on the market.

Skip Hop’s cute and colorful 3-in-1 Ride-On Dog has three amazing modes to take you through three stages:

  • It’s a fun push ‘n pull walker
  • a riding toy
  • and also a scooter. 

And your child will adore the beeping noise button as they  whizz along.

Talking about growing along with your child, Micro Kickboard sit/stand scooter adapts along with your child’s riding skills and is good for ages 1-5. Plus, their smooth wheels are unparalleled.



With these springtime baby gear essentials, you are armed to embrace the call of the wild. Go, Mom go: spring has sprung and the great outdoors await!

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