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Oz&Hadar by Ricki Safdieh

Oz&Hadar by Ricki Safdieh

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ricki picHey there! I’m a mom of two beautiful energetic boys that keep me super busy. When I finally have a few minutes to myself when they’re both tucked in bed, I retreat to my little studio. That’s where the magic happens. Sewing has always been a passion of mine. When my second son was born I decided to whip up a few burp cloths and bibs for him. He was always spitting up so the cute burp cloths were a nice change to the plain Gerber Prefolds and made the messy parts of babying a little more fun. Before you knew it, my business was underway. I only make products I would use on my own children, that are practical and functional._VGY7326 Then came the mystery of the disappearing pacifiers.... I bought sooo many but whenever my baby would cry they would magically disappear! I wanted a pacifier clip that was cool, functional and that would last... So after lots of tweaking and long hours of experimenting I finally made what I consider to be the perfect paci clip. Oz&Hadar clips are made from the highest quality leather. They’re washable and stylish! The elastic fits almost all pacifiers which is great especially if your baby loves the hospital pacifiers- you just loop the elastic through one of the small holes and voila! No more missing paci clips or dirty ones thrown in the mud. It’s the small things that make our mommy lives much easier. Ricki Safdieh

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