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The PELLO by Cindy Perry

The PELLO by Cindy Perry

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pello Cindy PerryI’m a Mom – I wear yoga pants and bobby pins to keep the bangs out of my face. I drink espresso, workout, volunteer at school – and, yes, I give thanks every day. As a young girl in Texas, my Mom taught me to sew. I put myself through the University of Maryland working as a children’s librarian and sewing at night. I met my wonderful husband Andrew, fell in love, and have two amazing boys. I decided to stay home with our boys and continue sewing and designing window treatments and bedding. I always kept the boys with me. I wanted them to feel safe, warm and close to me – and laying them on the floor seemed too cold. While at a breastfeeding support group, I was inspired by a woman who brought a pillow to lay her baby on during the meeting, instead of a blanket. When my first born, JohnJohn, was trying to sit up, he would always fall through the pillows I placed around him, hit his head and cry and cry! I then remembered that woman with the pillow.... I took some scrap fabrics, and, after a number of changes and tweaks – “pello” was born and my JohnJohn’s head was protected! Next thing I knew, I was taking orders from all over the country – just by word of mouth! It’s hard to believe that was 11 years and hundreds of pellos ago. I developed pello out of a need for my own children- to feel safe, warm and close to me- while being stimulated. Our pellos are still around our house today with books and toys in them – a now comfy reading cushion full of a lifetime of memories.pello snazzy plaid baby In 2011, I was diagnosed with melanoma – I didn’t want to sit back and talk about life and my ideas for pello any longer – it was time to give it LIFE! I’ve been busier than ever and could not be happier. Thank you for reading my story. I hope pello gives you and your baby many warm & cuddly times, with moments that will provide you a lifetime of memories. Love, Cindy

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