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Phil and Teds Smart Stroller - A Review

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The phil and teds Smart Stroller is the Complete Compact Stroller. The Smart stroller is feature light, Einstein smart and catwalk beautiful!

What makes it hot??

Ultra Adaptable - The phil and teds smart stroller can take a stroller seat a car seat and the peanut bassinet. Your all in one solution!

Body Fit AreoCore Seat -
This innovative, lightweight material is molded to deliver optimum comfort for your child. Its variable density structure provides support, cushioning and shock absorption.

Aerocore is *Waterproof
*UV Resistant
*Cushioning & Shock absorbing
*Lightweight & Streamlined
*Hypoallergenic & odor resistant
*Perfect form-fit

Unparalleled Functionality -Single action slide to fold funtionality & super compact storage

Rear wheel suspension & airless tires for an unusually smooth ride.

2 position reclining seat for uright and sleepy rides

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