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Phil and Teds Sub4 Jogging Stroller - The Fastest Jogging Stroller - A review

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Phil and Teds has come out with the most amazing jogging stroller out there! The Sub4 Stroller. As a jogger myself, I cant wait for the new Sub4 to hit the market. Although no pics of it yet the sub4 is really cool looking! I will be posting pictures as soon as I get them! The Sub4 has a seat made out of Aero-Core. Its a great new product that for the first time ever is being used on a stroller! It kind of reminded me of the material that Crocs are made out of! Its oder free, extremely easy to clean and water proof! How awesome?! The Phil and Teds Sub4 Jogging stroller also has a one hand control. It manuevers so easily and is the perfect jogging stroller for some serious jogging! sub4

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