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NEW Phil&Teds Poppy High Chair: In-Depth Review

NEW Phil&Teds Poppy High Chair: In-Depth Review

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Phil&Teds Poppy 2020 Wooden High ChairPhil&Teds Poppy 2020 Metal High Chair The high chair for every occasion! The amazing Phil&Teds Metal Poppy High Chair has many similar features of all the top high chairs currently on the market and then some. We are also loving the Poppy Wooden High chair which not only looks so classy, it is also strong and durable. We love how versatile it is, it goes from high chair to just plain old chair for when your little one gets bigger. The main problem with baby gear is that children grow so fast so it is amazing to have a high chair that can bring you from those early stages to childhood! With the 2020 Poppy high chair parents can transform their high chair many different ways!


As far as specs go the Phil&Teds Metal Poppy High Chair is small and compact. The Metal Poppy high chair is is lightweight and easy to store at 9 lbs while the Wooden Poppy High Chair is 7.7 lbs . Children can use both the Poppy high chair from when your child is able to sit up to about their 3rd year, so they definitely get plenty of use! It's easy to fold and assembly doesn't require any tools! convenient storing


As far as seats go the Poppy really hit the mark! The Poppy highchair has aerocore seat which are soft & spongy. It is insulating, hypo-allergenic, UV resistant and non-toxic, as well as being waterproof. There is a T-bar harness to keep your little one secure and a supportive footrest to keep your little one comfortable! safety certified & removable dual harnessbest seat in the house!


The tray for the Poppy Metal high chair & The wooden Poppy high chair is unreal, it's so big. It is easy to remove and The tray is easily removed and has been ergonomically designed to fit around your child perfectly from 6 months to 3 years. Forget a wrap around porch, we are loving a wrap around tray this year! mother of all trays


As far as cleaning goes Phil&Ted did an awesome job at creating a high chair that is comfortable and easy to clean! The tray is easy to wipe down and is dishwasher safe. The seat als has drainage holes to make cleaning even easier. The waterproof seamless aerocore seat also prevents food from falling into any cracks making the Poppy so much easier to keep clean. designed with purpose


The major draw of the Phil&Ted Metal Poppy high chair is it's sturdy build and how versatile it is! The Poppy wooden high chair has wooden legs with criss cross connector straps to add more stability and strength. The tray can easily be removed which turns the Poppy into an amazing chair so your child can sit at the family table with the rest of the family. The Poppy can turn into a mini high chair which is a unique feature you don't often find. Parents can combine the other half of poppy's legs with the Poppy table kit to create a matching table which is beyond cool! There is also a modes kit which transforms your poppy into a booster seat or a floor seat adding even more versatility to an already versatil high chair. Phil&Teds Poppy 2020 Modes KitPhil&Teds Poppy 2020 Table Topunleash the potential of poppy!


The Phil&Ted Metal Poppy high chair retails for $99.99 while the Wooden Poppy high chair retails for $149.99, they are both great high chair for parents looking for a high chair that is small and compact but jam packed with amazing features! Phil&Teds Poppy 2020 Metal High ChairPhil&Teds Poppy 2020 Wooden High Chair shop now cursive
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