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Popsicles: The OTHER 'Frozen'

Popsicles: The OTHER 'Frozen'

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popsicles Popsicles: Something frozen for everyone in the family
I don’t know how in tarnation June snuck up on us so quickly; maybe it was while we were nursing hot cocoa hangovers, dozing off blizzard after blizzard in what was literally the first sub-zero weather my children have ever experienced. But enough of that, let’s rejoice in the knowledge that we won’t be waking up to snow days anytime soon, and that we can embrace all the trappings of SUMMER! Now, I don’t know about your kids, but aside from singing every single song from Frozen, mine are ALWAYS raiding the freezer, looking for something that's actually frozen. It doesn’t matter if there’s nothing in there – they, like me, suffer from the notion that something will magically materialize since the last time they opened the door (which might have been seconds ago). Note that there is a fresh, colorful, and delicious array of the season’s bounty of fruits stocked mere inches away in the fridge, but when the mercury dances to the 85 mark and up, they just want something FROZEN. Fruit. Frozen. Popsicle molds. Do you see where I’m going with this? Yes: we are OBSESSED with making our own popsicles. The really cool (haha) part about making your own popsicles is, obviously, that you can control exactly what goes into them. It’s easy to pick up a case of freezer pops by the hundreds (and let it be known that I probably will), but with minimal effort, your kids can be scarfing down what is essentially fresh fruit on a stick, and if that’s one less corn-syrupy treat in their bellies, well then, it’s totally worth it. What I’m loving about the whole popsicle thing is that you can get great results whether you keep it super simple or go très chic. Try pureed ripe fruit, or even freshly squeezed juice for little palates eating their first frozen dessert. Or take a walk on the gourmet side, and give pops the grown up treatment by pairing flavors like coconut, lavender and blackberries. A favorite of mine is strawberry peach mint. You might get to discover, as I did, that there is a budding culinary enthusiast among your children who appreciates complex flavors as much as you do. There are lots of incredible recipes out there for the whole family to enjoy. Check out the popsicle cookbooks available online or in bookstores! The sky is basically the limit, and it's kind of a home run for every member of the family. Score one for momma! The hardest part of making popsicles (aside from figuring out how to keep your freezer stocked with enough goodies) is the 3 hour wait till they’re ready, and here you can endeavor to teach your children the virtue of patience. Good luck!

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