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NEW Quinny Moodd Color Block Special Editions - Full Review

NEW Quinny Moodd Color Block Special Editions - Full Review

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Bold Block The Moodd is a bold statement by Quinny.This city-smart stroller is a perfect mix of style and functionality. For anyone with an eye for design, this is the obvious choice. Plus, it offers intelligent features, such as quick automatic unfolding and easy folding. Quinny-Moodd-Stroller-2016-Bold-Block-RedFor 2016, Quinny has introduced a limited edition Moodd Color Block collection in both black and red hues. Quinny-Moodd-Stroller-2016-Bold-Block-Grey2 Why we love the Moodd from Quinny? The most unique feature on the Moodd is automatic unfolding mechanism. thanks to the unique gas spring. You will love how easy it folds, too! The Moodd stroller reclines to a fully flat position to suit your newborn baby. When older, the baby can face you or face the streets ahead. Great suspension, adjustable handlebar, and great underseat basket make the Quinny the perfect choice.Quinny-Moodd-Stroller-2016-Bold-Block-Grey Adaptable, sophisticated and stylish, the Quinny Moodd is ready to rock the streets and turn some heads! Retails for $749.99 Get yours today!

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