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Review: Bumbleride Indie Strollers

Review: Bumbleride Indie Strollers

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Most of the time, athletic parents and family members feel they have to slow down when it comes to moving their baby around. With ordinary baby strollers, this seems to be the only speed option: slow, steady, and practically walking on eggs so as not to joggle a sleeping toddler into screaming wakefulness. Enter the Bumbleride Indie stroller line, and active families can breathe a sigh of relief (and squeal in anticipation!). What makes this particular jogging stroller design so desirable among families on the go? Let’s take a closer look. A good-looking jogger These strollers feature the ability of an all-terrain jogger without sacrificing clean lines and intuitive operation. Physically active parents looking for a newborn-compatible stroller will definitely welcome this product with open arms. It has a fully adjustable reclining backrest and an adjustable footrest to keep babies in utmost comfort...allowing them to snooze or relax even at a jogger’s pace! Safety features, check. Twelve-inch air-inflated tires that can navigate rough terrain, check. A five-point safety harness that ensures baby is strapped securely, check. An SPF-45 sun canopy that protects baby’s skin and eyes from harsh sunlight, check. A swiveling front wheel with fixed inline position to forge a path without wobbling, check. What’s not to love if you are fond of taking the baby, from infancy to toddlerhood, outdoors with you? Convenient features Most of the time, a stroller is a stroller, and little else. With the Bumbleride Indie strollers, you have a spacious cargo basket beneath to hold diapers and a change of clothes, and other baby essentials. A carrying handle makes it easy to switch from being a stroller to a baby carrier. There’s also an option to take a universal car seat using the universal adapter that comes with the stroller. And its lightweight aluminum frame makes it a breeze to move around and store away when not in use. Plus the Indie4 offers a bassinet included. Compare the Bumbleride Indie vs Indie 4 here Fun, fabulous colors! The Bumbleride Indie stroller line comes in a range of attractive colors that will match anyone’s taste. From classic jet black and fog grey, to bright cayenne red and green papyrus through to lotus pink and aquamarine, there’s a color to match your preference and your child’s personality!

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