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Silver Cross 2019 Wave: Full In-depth Review

Silver Cross 2019 Wave: Full In-depth Review

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P1010051The Silver Cross Wave is one of the best strollers in the market. Luxuries and sleek it can be used as double straight out of the basket. This is the number one stroller which will grow with your family. With 30 approved configurations this will be the stroller of your dreams. SPECS At 44" L x 24" W x 37-43" H and 30.8 lbs it is 3 lbs lighter than its predecessor. This elegant stroller will be a dream in your hands. silver-cross-2019-wave-stroller-slate-2 FOLDED All good Strollers Fold and this one isn't any different. When folded it is 38" l x 24" w x 15" H. It is perfect for storing in your back seat or house. silvercrosswave-fold SEATS The toddler seat itself is 6.6 lbs and has plenty of room for your child. The seat is 13″ wide with 18″ seat back and a measurement of 22″ from the bottom of the seat to the top of the canopy and completely reversible. There is a 3 position one-handed recline for this stroller so your child will always be comfortable. The main seat can hold 55 lbs and the second seat can hold up to 45 lbs. For even more comfort Silver Cross added an adjustable calf rest and integrated footrest. There is a removal bumper bar and a five point harness on the Wave for added protection. The 5 point harness will keep your child safe and secure on every ride. seatsBASSINET The second generation Wave is bassinet compatible and great for newborns. The bassinet is approved for overnight sleeping and is deeper with great ventilation. It is padded with natural bamboo fabric which has antibacterial qualities and helps regulate temperature.The bassinet can be used from birth and up to 20 lbs 3q_carry_cot_0000_f__linen__1 CAR SEATS The Silver Cross Wave is car seat compatible with adapters. It is compatible with a Mico 30 , Mico Max 30, Nuna PIPA and PIPA Lite LX ,Cybex Aton series and Cybex Cloud Q car seats. wave car seats CANOPY The canopy has two large panels and two pop-out sun visor. There is a plastic peekaboo window so parents can look at their child without disturbing them. There is also a hidden mesh window which can be exposed for even more ventilation for little ones. canopy HANDLEBAR The Silver Cross Wave has an adjustable handlebar so pushing this stroller will be easy no matter a parents height. P1010051 STORAGE The Silver Cross wave has amazing storage! Not only is the storage basket big and roomy it can also hold up to 33 lbs. P1010054 WHEELS Silver Cross Wave has foam-filled tires with 11″ tire in the back and 7.5″ and all wheel suspension. wheels BRAKES The brakes for this stroller are so easy, it’s a simple flip flop friendly brake. P1010053 STYLE Not only is this stroller a picture of elegance it also comes in different colors. Currently the 2019 Wave is available in Slate, Sable and Granite. 7_25f2ec6c-bc5a-4320-83f7-5db71d8deb1c_1024x1024 ACCESSORIES The bassinet is included with this stroller but there are so many accessories available for purchase for this stroller. Parents can purchase Silver Cross Footmuffs, Silver Cross Changing Bags, Silver Cross Parasols, Silver Cross Wave/Coast Lower Car Seat Adapters, Silver Cross Additional Cupholder and Silver Cross Bassinet Stand. access coast PRICE The starting for the Silver Cross Wave is $1,299 and is a great option for your growing family. Coming right out of the box with a double seat option this stroller can accommodate any growing or big family.

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