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Silver Cross Dune Vs Reef - Full Comparison!

Silver Cross Dune Vs Reef - Full Comparison!

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The Dune and Reef are two modern strollers, each with a sustainable narrative and loads of features. The Reef is the more high-end option, and is more of a full-size stroller, with larger wheels, and the Dune is a more lightweight mid-size stroller. 

Silver Cross Reef

Meet the Reef. The Silver Cross Reef boasts 10 inch rear wheels for a better push, and comes with a bassinet that is overnight approved with the use of this bassinet stand that works for both Dune and Reef bassinets. Both bassinets are interchangeable and can work with either stroller. The base of the Reef bassinet has adjustable air vents for maximum air flow, and it's a little deeper for a comfy night’s sleep. Since it is more of a full-size stroller, it is a little heavier than the Dune, with its bigger wheels and all, but it is considered very compact for a full-size stroller. The bassinet on this stroller is also slightly bigger. You can use this stroller with a bassinet, newborn pod, forward or rear-facing, or as a travel system. The Reef stroller frame is a little heavier - about 2 pounds more - than the Dune frame. This stroller is $1,059.00 

Silver Cross Dune

The Silver Cross Dune is slightly more lightweight, with a smaller frame and fold, yet it's still a very study option, and it’s perfect if you want the benefits of a full stroller, such as the reversible seat and bassinet option, but want to go as lightweight as possible. The wheels aren’t as big, but the stroller is $100 cheaper, which is nice. The Dune has a newborn apron that’s built into the calf support for added warmth.

These Silver Cross strollers are both great options! And don’t forget – when you shop at PishPosh you get POINTS!!!! When you order either of these strollers, you’ll get about $200 worth of points (no kidding!!), for you to use when you shop with us next time. Order now!




Silver Cross Reef: 27.5 pounds

Silver Cross Dune: 25.3 pounds

Stroller Dimensions

33"L x 24"W x 39-44"H

30"L x 23"W x 36-42.5"H

Folded Dimensions

28"L x 24"W x 12"H

27"L x 23"W x 11"H

Comes with bassinet

Reef/Dune Bassinet

Dune Bassinet

Reversible seat



Wheel size

7.5" front wheels, 10" rear wheels

6.5" front wheels, 8" rear wheels


Orbit, Neptune, Earth, and Stone

Space, Glacier and Stone

Price (bassinet included)



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