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The Silver Cross Heritage Collection: Meet the Balmoral and Doll Pram

The Silver Cross Heritage Collection: Meet the Balmoral and Doll Pram

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thumbnailgeneratorWhen one thinks of Silver Cross, the first picture that comes to mind is one of a magnificent, large pram with beautiful detailing being strolled along the cobblestone streets of long ago. Well, the Silver Cross brand is more alive than ever and the popularity of their strollers are testament to how beloved and believed in their brand is. While their new line of more modern strollers (like the Wave and Pioneer) have taken off well, there's no doubt that their classic Heritage Collection is what parents truly long for. Currently available in the Heritage Collection are the Balmoral Pram and redesigned Princess Doll Pram. The Silver Cross Balmoral is the definitive luxury pram, still crafted by hand in Yorkshire using traditional methods. It's unique design is British engineering at its best. The iconic design exudes quality and craftsmanship, from the polished chrome chassis to the hand stitched fabrics and the hallmark hand painted fine line detail. The gorgeous shape and detailing are matched by the famous Silver Cross ride, a wonderful bouncing glide created by the patented C-spring chassis. The large underseat basket gives you plenty of room for your valuables. Silver Cross The Princess Dolls PramEvery Princess doll’s pram is handmade in England to the same exacting standards that Silver Cross has honored for 140 years. This unique model is made exclusively for the US and cannot be purchased anywhere else in the world. Each detail is carefully considered to create that special hallmark of quality and beauty, from the tailored sparkling fabrics to the highly polished metalwork and famous Silver Cross C-Spring suspension. With centuries of combined experience, their skilled artisans know how to build something that will last. They take the best of what we have learned in our 140-year history to make the Princess doll’s pram and encourage you to pass that on into the future, handing this doll’s carriage from one generation to the next. It’s a gift to be treasured forever. Both strollers make the perfect gift for that new parent or big sister. You can shop the full Silver Cross line today at PishPosh baby

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