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Stokke Steps - All in One Seating System

Stokke Steps - All in One Seating System

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Wow - it was just introduced and it's coming sooner than later! The Stokke Steps is an all in one seating system from bouncer to high chair to full chair. Like you and your baby, each part of Stokke Steps is made for each other. Stokke Steps is an ingenious All-in-One seating system that gives children active comfort and the freedom to move within the safest of surroundings from birth. This simple to use modular system offers a wide range of ergonomic seating, from a bouncer with unique cradling motion, to a functional highchair and later, a versatile chair that can be used throughout childhood. It is the ultimate way of keeping your little one close, comfortable and happy with all of the quality and style that you would expect from Stokke. The system includes two basic parts - the Bouncer and Chair and together they create one beautiful solution as a high chair.

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