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Stokke's New Colors!

Stokke's New Colors!

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Stokke has discontinued their Dark Navy color for a much cooler set of colors! The new Beige Melange & Urban Blue are available for the Scoot 2014, Xplory 2014 and Crusi 2014.

Stokke Collection

In addition, they introduced two new Xplory winter kits! The Xplory Nougat Melange and Xplory Anthracity Melange are both beautiful and are available to ship now!

stokke-xplory-winter-kit-nougat-melange-7 stokke-xplory-winter-kit-anthracite-melange-7

Last but not least, three new knitted blankets are out now to coordinate with the the colors - Grey & Blue, Purple & Orange, and Greige Pearl