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The All NEW Baby Jogger City Mini 2011 Stroller - An In Depth Review!

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The All New Baby Jogger Jogger City Mini 2011 is here and its Hot! We all love the city mini stroller but it definitely had some common complaints. Well Great News for all baby jogger lovers!! The All New City Mini 2011 is here!! Its totally new and totally changed!! Whats New? The 2011 City Mini will include a PE board, giving the back of the seat more support. The 2011 City Mini will also include what we are calling an’ Upright Strap’. The Upright Strap will pull the back of the seat forward, allowing children to sit more upright in the seat. The colors of the 2011 city mini will remain the same. The 2011 will be available in 5 colors. Ok, so I have a lots more details about the 2011 Baby Jogger City Mini. After checking it out for myself at the ABC Kids Show the other day, I just wanted to fill you in a little more. So here’s the scoop: * The new PE board makes the seat back firm so that your little one doesn’t slouch. This was really a necessity! I can’t tell you how many slouchy kids we’ve seen in the City Mini…they’ll be so much more comfy now! If you have an earlier model Baby Jogger City Mini you can easily and cheaply add a PE board to your stroller. PE stands for Poly Ethylene Board…don’t worry, I had to ask too! We’ll have some PE boards in stock shortly for $10 so you can update your existing Baby Jogger City Mini. Cool! * There’s a new color…PURPLE! It’s a really nice deep, plum purple. Purple seems to be a hot new color in strollers this year, because the 2011 Baby Jogger City Select will now come in purple (they’re calling it Amethyst) too! This will be available in March 2011. * The upright strap makes the seat even more upright. Also a great improvement. It’s really just a Velcro tab that you loop around the frame. This is me demonstrating the upright strap before I secure it to hold the seat more upright. * The Baby Jogger City Mini Double will now have a split canopy, meaning you can remove one canopy with out taking off the other. Very convenient! * The price…the single will now be $239.99 (up $10) and the double will be $429.99 (up $30). I think that the increased price is worth it given the changes they’ve made. The only thing that I wish Baby Jogger had upgraded is the basket! No changes to the storage basket under the seat!! My biggest gripe about the Baby Jogger City Mini is that the basket is not the most usable…it’s a little hard to get to. I’ll just keep that on my list of things to look for in 2012. One Minor drawback is the price is increasing $10.00 for the new 2011 and $30 for the Double. But I personally think all the changes are def. worth that!!

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Baby Jogger City Mini 2011
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