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The BabyHome So-Ro Cradle!

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The So-Ro at PishPoshBaby! According to research of the brain's interpretation of sensory input, forward rocking motion is the most comfortable and soothing motion for the baby. Babies love to rock. According to research into the brain's perception of sensory input, forward movement is the most comfortable and soothing type of motion for a baby. Think of rocking on a swing. The brain perceives this rhythmic forward swinging as a linear, soothing motion. The majority of cradles on the market today rock in a lateral direction, from side-to-side. Lateral swinging stimulates the portion of the brain that perceives circular-motion. For sensitive babies, this type of motion can induce dizziness and discomfort. Learn more The so-ro cradle provides the type of motion most comfortable for babies. Its front-to-back rocking motion has a soothing effect that helps babies fall asleep. In turn, you may find yourself a calmer, better-rested parent with more energy for everyday things. The so-ro cradle’s design makes it suitable for the bedroom at night and for the living room during the day. As for all cradles, it is suitable for use from birth until the infant is crawling (usually from 0 to 6 months). The so-ro cradle rocks in a gentle and stable manner, with very little effort. The cradle can be turned over only when one end is lifted up. An adult can stand in the cradle without tipping the cradle over. The Cradle comes in a single and a double in a white finish and a walnut finish Order Now @ PishPoshBaby!
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