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Baby sucking on teething blanket

The Best Gifts For Newborns To 6 Months Old

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The best entertainment for little babies is adult interaction, whether that’s talking, singing or sensory play. But what about when you want to make that engagement more fun? When it comes to things you can buy, simple gifts that encourage sensory exploration, motor skills and cause and effect are ideal. 

From gifts for newborns that’ll help make the growing family’s life easier, to stacking rings, play mats and teethers that will nurture older babies' development, keep little ones occupied and parents happy with these ideas.


The Best Gifts For Newborns

Crane Baby Burp Cloths

Newborns spit up – a lot! Make the job of cleaning up easier on little one’s parents by gifting them a box of Crane Baby Burp Cloths. These lightweight and absorbent 100%-cotton burp cloths are just the job. But the beauty of these burp clothes is that they’re, well, beautiful to look at, too. Printed to portray the essence of a watercolor, they’re as pretty as a picture.


4Moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing


4Moms MamaRoo Multi-Motion Baby Swing - Grey Classic


Life outside the womb can be a crazy ride! Make it easier on that little newborn – and mom and dad – with a MamaRoo® Multi-Motion Baby Swing. It’s the only baby swing that features multiple motions inspired by the way real parents and caregivers bounce and sway, keeping baby happy when they can’t be held. 


DockATot Deluxe+ Dock


Dockatot Deluxe+ Dock - Carrara Marble


The DockATot Deluxe+ Dock is an ingenious solution for on-the-go families. It’s the perfect spot to ‘dock’ a newborn or baby of up to 8 months old for supervised lounging, playing, resting, cuddling, diaper changes and tummy time. It’s portable, it’s pretty and it’s premium: extremely well made, it’s safe, cozy and comes with additional covers to match your mood, room and style.


The Best Gifts For 2 Month Old Babies

Aden+Anais Baby Bonding Playmat


Aden+Anais Baby Bonding Playmat


Tummy time is a great habit to get into even at just 1 month old. We love this generously sized, comfy Aden+Anais Baby Bonding Playmat, which has enough room for both parent and baby. The whimsical jungle creatures will help stimulate your little one and develop sensory and motor skills. 


Tiny Love Black & White Magical Mobile


Tiny Love Black & White Magical Mobile


Developing your 1 month old’s motor skills, strengthening their muscles and helping them focus on moving objects, a mobile is an enriching addition to your baby’s environment. We love the Tiny Love Black & White Magical Mobile, with its sweet little woodland creatures, soothing music & relaxing star projections.


DockATot Toy Arch & Toys

Now your newborn isn’t quite so newborn, pop this DockATot toy arch and toys over their dock while they safely lounge. They’ll love reaching for and playing with the dangling crinkly toys, which will help strengthen their muscles, encourage fine motor skills and stimulate their imagination.

The Best Gifts For 3 Month Old Babies

Skip Hop Celestial Dream Moonglow Musical Toy


Skip Hop Celestial Dream Moonglow Musical Toy


By 3 months, your baby will be fascinated by the wonderful flashing, noisy toy that you carry around with you in your pocket – your cell phone! Give them their own version with the Skip Hop Celestial Dream Moonglow Musical Toy. It has twinkling lights, a sweet tune, a textured shooting star teether toy and a peek-a-boo pocket to keep your baby busy and happy at home or in the stroller.


Crane Baby Wooden Teether with Muslin Security Blanket


Crane Baby Wooden Teether with Muslin Security Blanket - Whale


Teeth can start pushing through from 3 months, so be prepared with this gorgeous Crane Baby Wooden Teether with Muslin Security Blanket. Made from natural beechwood and 100% cotton muslin, the elephant, whale or giraffe teether soothes and entertains your baby. You’ll love the whimsical print designs.


Skip Hop 2-in-1 Activity Floor Seat

Sitting up to look around the room gives your 3 month old a whole new perspective on the world. Encourage them to sit, interact and play with this comfy and supportive Skip Hop 2-in-1 Activity Floor Seat. It has a tray for snacks that you can swap out for three engaging toys. 

The Best Gifts For 4 Month Old Babies

Tiny Love Meadow Days Stroll Arch


Tiny Love Meadow Days Stroll Arch


Keep your 4 month old entertained on their stroller outings with the Tiny Love Stroller Arch. Colorful toys stimulate their vision and are great for practicing hand-eye coordination. The easy-to-grab toys will stand up to the mouth exploration and gumming your baby will love to give them, too! 


Sophie The Giraffe So Pure Teether


Sophie The Giraffe So Pure Teether


Pretty much all 4 month olds will end up with something in their mouths. While they won’t always be teething just yet, they’re heading that way. Ideal for soothing painful gums, the Sophie The Giraffe So Pure Teether has two rings with different textured surfaces for your baby to choose from according to their age and needs, to give even faster relief from aching gums. 

Crane Baby Caspian Narwhal Plush Toy

The perfect size for cuddling, the Crane Baby Caspian Narwhal Plush Toy will be your baby’s friend for life. Caspian is soft and stimulating against their skin, can help baby self-soothe and a great addition to a game of peek-a-boo.

The Best Gifts For 5 Month Old Babies

Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Days Gymini


Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Days Gymini


One of the most influential developmental toys for 5 month old babies, baby gyms are playmats with an extension. Two arches reach over the mat, with different toys hanging from it, like the Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Days Gymini. Your baby will develop their muscles and hand-eye coordination while grabbing for the toys with their hands or kicking at them with their feet.


Fat Brain Toys Spin Again

Stacking rings are great for 5 month olds and beyond. Your baby will probably get the most enjoyment by putting the rings in their mouth, but they’ll soon move on to stacking them. These beautiful Fat Brain Toys Spin Again are fun and engaging for your baby to look at, while grasping the pieces helps them develop their organization and motor skills.


Skip Hop Farmstand Avocado Stroller Toy


Skip Hop Farmstand Avocado Stroller Toy


This plush avocado toy opens to reveal a surprise peek-a-boo rattle ‘pit’! The rattle will be a source of wonder and entertainment, while little fingers will love opening and closing the two halves that stick together. It also has a built-in loop and ring so you can easily attach it to the bar of your stroller.


The Best Gifts For 6 Month Old Babies

Zandino Couture Security Blanket


Zandino Couture Security Blanket - Chloe Pewter


At 6 months, a comforting soft toy might enter their life and never leave. A furry friend that fires their imagination, feels soft and snuggly and keeps them company day or night is the perfect gift. We love this Zandino Couture Security Blanket teddy and comforter combo.


Mushie Ball Teether


Mushie Ball Teether - Dried Thyme


Yep, 6 months is around the time when most babies start teething. Teething toys are not only fun but can also provide some serious relief. This Mushie Ball Teether is easy to grasp by tiny fingers, a delight to chew on and fun to roll around when they grow older.


Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Foldaway Jumper

Six months is time to really start moving! Help your baby stand, jump and have fun with support. The Skip Hop Explore & More Jumpscape Foldaway Jumper has a light-up cloud bounce counter to track your child’s jumps, rewarding them with lights and music. It even breaks into applause at 100-jump milestones! 

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