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The Best Parenting Podcasts – Here’s What We’re Listening To

The Best Parenting Podcasts – Here’s What We’re Listening To

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We bet our last clean diaper that you’ve got a stack of parenting books piled up on your bedside table. But let’s be honest – despite your best intentions, how many of them have you actually read? 

We get it! Life as an expecting or new parent is busy. You may not have the time, energy or patience to sit down and wade through a 500-page tome on breastfeeding. 

There is another way: it’s quick, easy and you can do it pretty much anywhere. We’re talking about pregnancy and parenting podcasts. Simple to download and ideal for on-the-go parents, we’ve handpicked a range of podcasts covering everything from parenting advice and pregnancy tips to relatable anecdotes that help you feel part of a wider parenting community. 

Whether you’re listening on your commute, during the school run, or between those late-night feeds, here are the best parenting and pregnancy podcasts to tune into right now.


Happy Mum, Happy Baby

giovanna fletcher happy mum happy baby

Why you should listen  

After the release of her best-selling book Happy Mum Happy Baby: My Adventures into Motherhood in 2017, author Giovanna Fletcher was empowered by the conversations she was having with parents who were able to relate to the book. The idea for the Happy Mum Happy Baby podcast was born. 

Each episode, Fletcher is joined by a celebrity mom or dad to talk about conception, pregnancy and birth, and their experience of being a parent today. 

The series of warm and frank conversations covers all aspects of parenting, from the challenging parts to the joyful moments. One episode that stands out features Catherine, Duchess of Cornwall, discussing her happy childhood memories and how they’re shaping her own children’s day-to-day experiences. 


Who’s it for?

The beauty of this podcast is that it normalizes the fact that parenting can be tough. It’s relatable, so there’s a real ‘we’re in this together’ vibe. It’s perfect for parents seeking a community of like-minded folk who speak openly about the parenthood rollercoaster.


The Birth-Ed Podcast

best parenting podcasts - birth ed podcast


Why you should listen  

Informative, impartial and educational, The Birth-Ed Podcast is hosted by midwife and hypnobirth advocate Megan Rossiter, so you know that what you’re listening to is sourced from knowledge-based expertise. 

Megan discusses the hows, whys and whens of pregnancy and birth with fellow midwives, doulas and other experts in an informal, succinct and entertaining way. The wealth of knowledge shared could be overwhelming, but Megan’s personality shines through and makes every episode an enjoyable listen. 

Whatever your birth ideal, this podcast caters to everyone without judgment. 


Who’s it for?

Ideal for expectant moms and dads, this podcast explores the full spectrum of birthing choices as well as pregnancy and postpartum health. You’ll leave each episode empowered, confident and positive.


The Longest Shortest Time

best parenting podcasts - the longest shortest time

Why you should listen 

Hillary Frank’s podcast The Longest Shortest Time is the grandma of all parenting podcasts. It ended in December 2019, but its treasure trove of inspiring tales about the highs and lows of parenthood – and everything in between – is still available to listen to. 

Frank, who was a reporter at This American Life, started her podcast in 2010, following a horrific birth injury and long recovery. In it, she talks about the full parenting gamut. But the main reason Frank wanted to tell her story, as well as others’, was to connect people, so we all feel less alone.


Who’s it for?

Known as ‘the parenting show for everyone’, this insightful podcast really is for everyone. It tells real human stories that will fascinate those who don’t have children as much as parents at all stages, from expectant to new and beyond.


Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled

best parenting podcasts - respectful parenting


Why you should listen  

Parenting expert Janet Lansbury is well known for her parenting books that deliver radical parenting advice delivered in a reassuring tone. 

The former model and actress was inspired by  early childhood educator Magda Gerber to rethink her approach to childcare. Instead of treating our children like, well, children, Lansbury advises that we trust them, treat them as capable (no baby talk) and give them autonomy.

In Respectful Parenting: Janet Lansbury Unruffled, Lansbury explains how to put these concepts into practice in the context of everyday parenting. 


Who’s it for?

If you love no-nonsense advice columns and crave guidance, this podcast’s for you. Helicopter parents take note: listening will free you from fretting about your toddler and invite you to do one simple thing: less. What a relief.


The Mom Hour

best parenting podcasts - the mom hour


Why you should listen  

Honest, down to earth, perceptive and engaging: The Mom Hour is the podcast to help you feel like the things you’re going through as a mom are completely normal. The hosts, Meagan Francis and Sarah Powers, have a knack for discussing simple, everyday topics that improve day-to-day life as a mother. 

With eight kids between them, the pair offer real-mom tips and advice in a funny and entertaining way.


Who’s it for?

This podcast is a lifesaver for moms. For all questions you’d like to ask the other moms in the park – but don’t – Meghan and Sarah fill in the gaps.

What’s your favorite parenting podcast? Share your recommendations here!

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