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The Bugaboo Twoo Seat!

The Bugaboo Twoo Seat!

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We had one major surprise this morning that all Bugaboo fans will go nuts over!! If you have a Bugaboo and a Bugaboo Wheeled Board, the Bugaboo Twoo seat may be the icing on the cake for you! The Twoo seat is an attachment for your Bugaboo Wheeled Board to allow an older child not only to ride along with you, but to sit as well. The Twoo lets you take both your baby and toddler out, with the added benefit of having them both seated. Your toddler’s tired of standing? Now they can sit on the Twoo seat. The Twoo enables you to go for a longer walk. Your child has more fun because they can sit as well as stand now. The seat is easy to attach to the Bugaboo wheeled board and takes the weight off your child’'s legs. The Twoo means that you don’t need to swap your beloved Bugaboo for a double buggy, saving you money, too. The Twoo Seat is from It's been available in Australia and England for a while, and will be coming to PishPoshBaby very soon!!
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Twoo Seat in our Showroom Twoo Seat in our Showroom

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