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The Dangers of your Child's Winter Coat in the Car

The Dangers of your Child's Winter Coat in the Car

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It's the wintertime now and it seems only natural for your child to be wearing a wintercoat when you're traveling in the car. However what you may not realize is that the wintercoat is endangering your child's life. How? When your child wears a winter coat when they are restrained in a car seat, the harness straps are not pulled tightly enough and in the case of an accident - your child can literally go flying out of the seat. Don't believe me? The TODAY show aired a segment on this issue and even set up some crash tests to show you how real this danger is. You'll be shocked to see what happens -
jj-cole-car-seat-coverSo what is the solution? Well - you should remove your older child's coat before buckling them up into a convertible car seat. For an infant - look into the amazing JJ Cole car seat covers or infant footmuffs that are designed to fit an infant seat. They are truly warm, and the harness rests directly on your baby's body, secured tightly.

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