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The History Of Bugaboo [INFOGRAPHIC]

The History Of Bugaboo [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Investing in a sturdy yet flexible and light baby stroller is a must when it comes to parents who want only the best for their little ones. Here at PishPoshBaby, we recognize how discerning moms and dads want to know everything behind a baby product. This is why came up with this infographic The History of Bugaboo, a brand that we really love. From Bugaboo's company profile to its worldwide locations, through to important milestones in its timeline, this handy infographic can give any parent the kind of information they need to know about Bugaboo's innovative products. A list of its products and services, plus creative collaborations for limited edition strollers and accessories are also featured in the infographic. Let this colorful and helpful visual guide be your reference to owning and loving your child's first iconic Bugaboo stroller.
The History Of Bugaboo <infographic>

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