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The Maclaren Twin Techno 2009 Stroller - What to expect?!

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There were not many changes made to the 2009 Maclaren Twin Techno stroller, as the saying goes if it aint broke dont fix it! Its just the most awesome side by side double stroller. Small and compact, yet comfortable and easy to push. New for 2009, the Maclaren Twin Techno will be available in 2 base colors and 7 color comfort packs will be available. The Twin Techno will come in Charocal on a silver frame and new for 2009 is the Black Twin Techno on a black frame. Its actually really sharp and nice looking!
The comfort packs will be available in Scarlet, Sky Blue, Powder Pink, Silver Grey, Black, Orange and Multi Stripe! Check back soon for pix!