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The Mutsy Transporter Stroller Vs The Mutsy 4 Rider Stroller

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Wondering the difference between the new Mutsy Transporter stroller and the Mutsy 4Rider stroller. Well here's the rundown!

Update: The Mutsy Transporter and 4Rider are unavailable at this time. Check out comparable strollers on our site.

The 4Rider and the Transporter are two very different strollers....thus the price difference!! Which one is better is left to the user to decide; they fulfill different needs. Additionally, the Transporter will not be available in the US and Canada until sometime in late August. The 4Rider is a product that is extremely flexible and modular, the basis of which is the stylish frame. The Frame is very open, with a large basket and quick release, foam tyres with spoked wheels. The front plate is used for a toddler to easily climb in and out of the buggy, and there is a quick-lock under the plate that locks the front wheels for use on uneven pavement or terrain with a single flip of the switch. To the frame can be attached a car seat adaptor, a carry cot, and a seat. The seat is very deluxe, with 3-position leg support, a full recline, a removable bumper bar (it can be left off for easy in and out by a toddler, or replaced with a dinner tray for snacking), an extra large protective hood that has a storage pocket in the back and a very large peep-hole window on the top. The seat can be used facing out so a baby can see where he's going, or facing mom, so a smaller child can be comforted by seeing his mommy pushing him. To the frame can be attached an extra shopping bag, which can hold 22 pounds of additional "stuff"! A matching nursery bag can be attached to the 4Rider seat for hands-free access. The seat is easily removed to be replaced with the car seat adaptor or carry cot. The stroller can be closed with the seat on it. The Transporter is also a very luxurious stroller, but it does not have the full-leg support or full recline. The fabric can be removed completely for a clean look when using the Transporter as a travel system (we can accommodate a Maxi Cosi car seat) or with the Transporter carry cot. It has a nice head rest that is removable, but without a car seat adaptor or use of the carry cot it is not suitable from birth, whereas the4Rider Light with its seat is suitable from birth. Transporter is lighter weight than the 4Rider series. The 4Rider is much more "stroller" than the Transporter, thus the difference in price. Additionally, Mutsy was trying to provide the North American consumer with a very good product at a very good price given our current economic situation, and the Transporter seems like it will fit that bill. mutsy1.JPG
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