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The Bugaboo Donkey - Its Comin!!

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Bugaboo Donkey Stroller Its finally here!! Today is the day the stroller world has been waiting for! The rumors and secrecy surrounding the upcoming double stroller is over. Introducing.... (drum roll please!).... the New Bugaboo Donkey! Yes, you heard correct! the Bugaboo Donkey! The revolutionary double stroller! The Donkey can be both a single stroller at just 23 inches wide or a 29inch wide double! Thats a really narrow side by side double for those of you that dont know stroller specs! The Bugaboo cameleon is actually 23 inches wide too, so as a single the donkey stroller will be just like the cameleon. This stroller is awesome! Not that we expected anything less from bugaboo but this stroller was really really worth waiting for! Breathless! The Bugaboo Donkey will take your breath away. (The price may too... but right now we're not sure what thats going to be!) See the Video Demo below for a closer look at the bugaboo donkey in all its glory! The Donkey converts from a single stroller (Mono) to a full side by side double stroller (Duo). The Mono-Duo-Mono. From a single to a double and then back to a single! Yes thats what all moms of multiples need! The weight limit is 37.5lb per seat. 75 total. The Donkey easily converts from a single stroller to a double stroller. Its only 3 easy clicks!
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