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The NEW Skip Hop Memory Foam Stroller Liners!

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green linerSkip Hop has quickly become the cutest and most unique creator of practical kiddie products! They just notified us here what awesome new ideas will be coming to fruition in the next few months. Out of all their real cool new products, we've chosen to dedicate a full blog post to the NEW Skip Hop Memory Foam Stroller Liners! These liners beat all liners that ever were because of their design and level of comfort. The liner is made of breathable memory foam with water repellant fabric so there is no need to worry about your liner getting moldy in the bad weather. The liner will stay put on your stroller because the back of the actual liner has a special layer of non-slip backing - how cool is that?? The foot area of the stroller is extra durable and it's real easy to wipe the whole thing clean. You can actually just throw the entire liner into your machine in cold and even dry it on low, and it's good to go. The greatest part is the handy zip pocket that can hold hats, diapers and who knows what else. We are not sure yet what strollers this liner will fit, but the multiple slots on the back of the the liner makes it pretty versatile when it comes to strollers. Besides for the awesome look and colors (red, blue, green, and platinum), this liner will help protect your stroller so that it can last for years! Click here to order!
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