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To Bumper or Not to Bumper

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The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) has just announced that bumpers in babys cribs should not be used. This policy is intended to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS. The pads are designed to wrap around the inside of a crib to prevent head injuries and limb entrapment in crib slats, but the academy’s new guidelines state there is no evidence they prevent such injuries. In fact, the guidelines state babies can actually suffocate in the pads. Some moms really disagree with this ban. "It seems to be wrong to completely outlaw something based on allegations- without testing properly & investigating properly to prove that the allegations have grounds. It could be more dangerous to have hard wood railings close to a baby's head and limbs." Others think this ban should have been here sooner. Its a real controversal topic amongst moms. The city of Chicago is the first city to have recently banned the sale of crib bumpers. The pediatrics academy updates its official policies every five years to serve as a guide for pediatricians and other medical professionals across the country. The group also recommends babies always sleep on a firm surface, not in car seats, or on wedges or other positioners and without pillows or blankets. Bedding set manufacturers are adapting to the new regulation by offering 3 peice bedding sets of all their sets that exclude the bumper. Instead of the standard 4 peice sets that are usually sold. In addition we've seen some really creative ideas how to keep the fashion in bedding without a bumper. Skip Hop has introduced the patent pending complete sheet bumper free bedding. This “engineered” sheet offers bold graphics around the sides of the mattress with a contrasting pattern on top of the sheet. (Also included in the set an Airflow wearable blanket, linen crib skirt and a soft nursery blanket.)

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