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Toddler Spring Craft Ideas | PishPosh Baby

Toddler Spring Craft Ideas | PishPosh Baby

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Spring has to be one of the most exciting times of year. Nature bursts into life and longer days and milder weather means you can get outside with your tot. While you’re out and about, look around at the flowers, spring lambs and colors and be inspired to create some cheerful toddler spring craft projects at home. We've also created a free coloring sheet for you and your little ones to enjoy - click the link at the end of the article to download yours.

Enjoy these easy-to-do toddler spring crafts with your little one.

Chase A Rainbow

Everyone gets excited when they see a rainbow, so why not recreate the experience at home with your toddler? You’ll need a paper plate, a rainbow of paint colors, glue and cotton balls.

Simply cut the paper plate in half, then cut a semicircle from the center to create a rainbow shape. Follow the curve of the plate to form your colored rainbow layers. Once dry, add some cotton wool at the bottom of your rainbow to make fluffy clouds.

Alternatively, draw a rainbow outline on a blank piece of paper and help your little one create a mosaic by sticking torn-up pieces of colored paper to your rainbow.



Magic Up Some Nature-Inspired Flower Petal Fairies

Sprinkle a little magic over your toddler’s day with these nature-inspired flower petal fairies. Get out on a walk to collect blossoms, flower petals and any greenery for your art. Remind your child to pick up flowers and foliage that have already fallen on the ground. 

Next, print out this downloadable fairy coloring page, grab some coloring pencils or crayons and glue and get decorating.


Create Some Natural Sculptures 

Run out of craft supplies? No problem! Make like British artist Andy Goldsworthy and use the great outdoors for both inspiration and materials. Use leaves, cones, stickers, twigs, stones, pebbles, seeds, nuts, shells and flowers to create patterns, faces, scenes and sculptures on the ground. We love Artsy Craftsy Mom’s ideas. 

Working with what they can forage, your child will learn about the beauty of nature and appreciate its processes and cycles. 


Make A Fluffy Sheep Collage

Who doesn’t love a cute, fluffy sheep?! This is a super-simple, fun craft with soft cotton balls and glue – perfect for toddlers. All you need is a sheet of green card and a black pen. You draw a sheep on the card with black pen; they glue on cotton balls to create the sheep’s wooly body. Easy.


Release A Handprint Butterfly

Littles ones will love this toddler spring craft because it involves paint and mess! Get prepared by laying out a piece of paper. Next, paint your child’s hand (or allow them to do it if you’re feeling relaxed). Press their painted hand carefully and evenly down onto the paper and allow it to dry. 


toddler spring craft - painting hand

Cut out the handprint, which will make the butterfly’s ‘wings’, then cut out a butterfly-shaped body out of colored card. Glue the body under the palm end of the ‘wings’. 

Now you can personalize your handprint butterfly! Add some googly eyes and a smile on the head end and attach some pipe cleaner antennae with tape. Go crazy with the wings – stick on adhesive gems, pompoms, petals or glitter.


Hop To It With A Cardboard Tube Bunny

This is a great way to use up old toilet rolls for a simple, cute craft. Warning: it’s so fun that your toddler may end up unraveling rolls! 

Draw two bunny ears on the cardboard tube to create a basic bunny outline and cut out. Next, decorate your bunny with paint. Your toddler may need your help to paint on some whiskers. Hack: add circular eyes and a nose with a Q-Tip dipped in black paint! 

Finally, add a bit of cotton wool for an authentically fluffy bunny tail.


Paint Eggs (Then Hunt For Them In The Yard!)

family painting eggs


This toddler spring craft needs a little bit of prep. Toddlers can be heavy-handed and you don’t want to literally end up with egg on your face, so we recommend blowing or hard boiling the eggs first. 

Squirt a few blobs of different colored acrylic paints onto a paper plate. If you’re entertaining more than one toddler, give them their own paints and brushes to avoid rows.

Decorate the eggs with spots, swirls, flowers or stripes, then sit each egg in an egg cup, or use the carton they came in, to dry. If you didn’t use acrylics, seal the paint with PVA glue.

Now you’re ready for a spring egg hunt! Hide the pretty eggs outside and provide each child with a basket for their hunt. Maybe add some chocolate ones into the mix?!


Grow A Finger-Painted Blossom Tree

Start this project out on a nature walk. Pick up some twigs to create your trees and have a splash in a few muddy puddles while you’re at it. At home, glue your sticks down onto a piece of paper or card to make a tree shape with trunk and branches. 

Now, get your preschooler to dip their fingers into some pink and white paint to create gorgeous spring blossoms for their tree. They’ll love getting their hands dirty and the finished piece of art is captivating!


Relax With Some Spring Coloring

We've created this cheerful spring-themed coloring sheet for you and your little one to enjoy, featuring our very own PishPosh Baby koala! 


free toddler spring coloring sheets


Download your FREE spring coloring sheet here.

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