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Types of Diaper Bags

Types of Diaper Bags

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I'm a bit of a nut when it comes to diaper bags. Maybe it's because I'm neurotic about organization, or possibly because it's the baby product (other than clothes) that allows for the most style. I'm not really sure. But, regardless, it's still one of my favorite topics. And today I'm going to talk about the different types of diaper bags and diaper bag features.

Types of Diaper Bags

Skip Hop Duo Double Traditional Diaper Bag Skip Hop Duo Double
Traditional Diaper Bag


The traditional style diaper bag has many pockets and compartments on both the inside and the outside. It takes into consideration all the different paraphernalia one needs with a baby: diapers, wipes, diaper cream, baby powder, bottles, pacifiers... you name it! Oftentimes it has sections for parents' stuff too (cell phone, car keys, etc). Used most often for families on-the-go. It's also on the larger side which is a huge advantage if you've gotta carry around supplies for more than one child. Perfect for the practical parent
timi & leslie Dawn Tote Diaper Bag timi & leslie Dawn
Convertible Collection
Tote Diaper Bag


The tote is similar to the traditional in that it is usually on the larger side. The tote, though, usually has larger compartments. It has a double handle and can usually be worn over the shoulder. It also is usually a bit more fashionable. Perfect for the trendy but practical mom
Twelve Little Allure Convertible Satchel Twelve Little Allure
Satchel Diaper Bag


The satchel is smaller than both the traditional and the tote. It's more square-shaped. It's got 1 or two compartments. It normally has 2 handles, but are shorter than those of the tote. It's usually worn over the elbow, though some do come with an extra shoulder strap that can be attached if that's how you'd like to wear it. Perfect for the chic mom that just needs the essentials
JJ Cole Changing Clutch JJ Cole Changing Clutch


In terms of diaper bags, the only thing that you can fit in a clutch, typically, is a changing pad. A clutch looks sort of like a large wallet and doesn't have a strap or handles. It's either held in your hand, under your arm, or in a diaper bag. Oftentimes changing clutches come as a coordinating accessory with a diaper bag. Perfect for traveling and shopping
OiOi 2 Pocket Hobo Diaper Bag OiOi Hobo Diaper Bag


The hobo has a more casual look. It's a cross between a tote and a messenger bag. It looks sort of like a sack with a shoulder strap. This is the "Marry Poppins" sort of bag. Not in style, but in that everything and anything can so into it. It's slung over the shoulder and hangs in a bit of a sag on your side. Perfect for the more adventurous folk that plan on having a wild ride and don't mind if everything gets mixed together
timi & leslie Canvas Collection Messenger Diaper Bag timi & leslie
Canvas Collection
Messenger Diaper Bag

Messenger Bag

The messenger bag is a trendy style. It's usually got a couple of compartments with a fold-over closure (usually on top of a zipper). It's got a shoulder strap and is worn across the chest and hangs low on your body. Perfect for the trendy parent and great for dads too!
Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Backpack Ju-Ju-Be
Be Right Back
Backpack Diaper Bag


The backpack is just what it sounds like. A pack worn on your back. With a backpack diaper bag there are so many different options. But, they all follow the same concept: 1 or more compartments, and each one may have pockets. They've got to arm straps that are worn over the shoulders. They're usually larger so they hold more supplies. Perfect for a trip and/or for more than one child
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